Mike Love breathes new life into “HeartBeat” single

Mike Love breathes new life into “HeartBeat” single

Mike Love has re-released his 2014 track “HeartBeat” off the album Jah Will Never Leave I Alone, and all I can say is wow! This one will give you goosebumps. Having given it some TLC with a few added percussion instruments and a little bit stronger mixing and vocals, this track expresses Mike’s gratitude for his parents so beautifully… all it did was make me think about ways that my own parents have helped me so much throughout the years and continue to guide and educate me through example on how to love and respect others. The way Mike is able to bring these separate, incredibly simple instruments together into a single flowing harmony of love and positivity is so heartwarming. 

The song opens up with a simple question that I, myself, have pondered many times: “How much do I owe you? You gave me my heartbeat.”

You gave me life, how could I ever repay you? How could I ever do enough to show you the gratitude I have for you breathing life into me? It’s a longing question that may never have a true answer. The verse begins by reminiscing on how much support Mike has received from his parents in regards to pursuing his music. They stuck by his side when all he had was a dream and a guitar, again, doing nothing but opening the floodgates of memories of how my parents supported me to pursue my own dreams. Mike notes how our parents acted as our protectors, our own personal shelter from the storms of the world. They are always there to fill us with smiles and laughter when the rain subsided and the sun shone once again. 

Calling to his mother and father directly in the next verse, Mike sings about how his mother was there with her breast to literally give him life, and how he can never forget what it was like to be held by her. Or, the devastating feeling of when she left him. How his father was there to help him develop his sound and his voice, always making sure Mike was given the freedom to make his own choices, while being shown countless examples of how to spread love and positivity throughout this world. Finally, being able to say he truly understands the lessons he was being taught is a blessing. Mike Love ends the verse with a line that resonates for myself pretty hard — “and now, I can’t imagine another, more perfect Mother and Father.”

“All through my life, you always had my back. Gave me more, than in a lifetime I could ever pay back. So, I just needed to tell you, how much I love and respect you. All the sacrifices you made are lessons growing in me now. All the love you gave is living within me. Within my heartbeat.” I wouldn’t be able to relate to this verse harder if I wrote it myself! This is a beautifully worded sentiment that can be extended to any number of parents outside of Mike Love’s. It delivers its message so strongly and emotionally, an amazing way to pay tribute to the ones who gave us life. Knowing how far away mine are and how hectic this year has gone, I know it makes me want to pick up the phone and make sure my parents know how loved and respected they are! It’s never too late to spread the love!

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3 years ago

An amazing song – so completely unexpected. And a beautiful review as well! Artist and Reviewer both opening themselves to give back to the people who can mean so much. I, for one, and doubly impressed and will be paying attention to both going forward!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jackson

Thank you very much for the kind words!