MINT Talent Group welcomes artists into a post-pandemic era

MINT Talent Group welcomes artists into a post-pandemic era

Whether we want to accept it or not, the music industry will be forever changed from this year’s COVID-19 shutdown. Venues are currently fighting to stay open and funded, fans are paying premium ticket prices to drive into a small number of live shows and musicians are making ends meet via virtual fundraising any way possible. What it all boils down to is that when the world finally reaches its past state of normalcy again, music artists have to approach the industry vastly different than ever before.

Enter, MINT Talent Group — a booking agency and entertainment company for a post-pandemic world.

MINT co-founder C.J. Strock (formerly of William Morris Endeavor) has teamed with Patrick McAuliff and Phil Egenthal (formerly of Paradigm) to bring about a booking agency balanced by an artist-centric model. Joining the three founders are agents from CAA and Madison House, all combining their industry expertise to create a visionary new way forward. Between a 47-point marketing plan embracing new modes of tech and a novel ticketing platform connecting the artists more directly to their fans, MINT plans on not just taking the talents of musicians to new heights, but also those of sports stars and theater actors as well.

Overseeing the performing arts spectrum, Michael Morris comments, “MINT’s presence will be equally at home on rock stages, destination festivals, as well the most prestigious theaters and performing arts centers in the world. The opportunity to join MINT with like-minded veteran agents and friends, while continuing to service my longterm clients is a dream come true. I look forward to making a positive impact on the industry’s recovery, while also joining my colleagues at MINT to create a family environment in which artistic integrity, professional courtesy and promises to each other are non-negotiable.”

McAuliff adds, “The goal of MINT is to bring together great agents with amazing rosters so that both can thrive at a home that values the associate, agent and artist like family. The wealth of experience the MINT team brings to the group gives us the clout of a corporate without the limitations or boundaries.”

And, what an initial roster they have! Of the extensive list, there are GRAMMY-winners, Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees and current festival headlining acts, like Art Garfunkel, Stick Figure, Steel Pulse, CloZee, to name a few. This is the beginning of a whole new world for musicians — one breaking technological boundaries by the day — and MINT invites clients to come along for the ride. For more information on MINT Talent Group, visit the links below.

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