New single “Dabs” by C-Money and the Players, Inc.

C-Money, master trumpeter for megastar reggae band Slightly Stoopid, is making some power plays of his own with a new full-length album in the works for C-Money and the Players, Inc. The band out of southern California is about to release their first single “Dabs” on iTunes – a single that is already creating waves of attention online via YouTube. The song was co-authored by Aqua, who has produced beats for high-end clients such as Jay-Z or for hit shows like “Entourage”.

The song encompasses the light-hearted, coasting feeling of smoking dabs.

The song encompasses the light-hearted, coasting feeling of smoking dabs. If you have been living under a rock (or anywhere besides the west coast) for the last few years, let me illuminate on what the new trendy way to get high is all about: dabs are forms of high-grade hash oil, usually created through the use of butane – thus, butane hash oil (BHO). There’s no formal definition to date that I am aware of, but most will confirm dabs are the steroids of weed smoking in order to get the consumer as high as humanly possible. Of course, the quality may vary depending on several factors – how and where it was made and who made it. On top of that, dabs could confuse the occasional weed toker by being labeled several other names like wax, earwax, honey or shatter. Smoking dabs, or dabbing, has become overtly popular as of late mostly due to pop culture’s recent recognition and support of the recreation, such as C-Money does in his new single. “Philly420” columnist Chris Goldstein deconstructs the dab-smoking process for the avid marijuana enthusiast:

“The term derives from the most common method used today: a piece of metal resembling a large nail is held at the end of a curved glass pipe then heated until glowing with a lighter or kitchen torch; a small 'dab' of the thick hash oil (greasy and thicker than cold honey) is placed on the end of a thin glass rod and then touched to the hot nail. The smoker inhales the instantly vaporized concentrate through the glass pipe — and gets seriously stoned.”

And what better way to get stoned enough to eat breakfast than to heed the advice of someone that’s been with Stoopid since 2006? C-Money definitely has mixed his decade-long east coast experience in John Brown’s Body with Slightly Stoopid’s west coast ways to create a unique blend of the roots reggae tradition. Now on his second solo album and backed by his Players, C-Money is ready to put his lips together and blow your mind.

C-Money – “Dabs” (Live at GoodVibeStudio)

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