Non Neutral bursts forth with “Lust Conquers All” single

Non Neutral bursts forth with “Lust Conquers All” single

Costa Rican band Non Neutral is forging ahead with their latest “Lust Conquers All” single, combining elements of hip hop and metal to render a commanding rock anthem. The new track follows the band’s Every Direction Is Forward EP of late 2016, a release that cemented Non Neutral as a catalyst amongst the top Latin American metal names. Now signed to Long Beach Records LATAM, Non Neutral is back in action, dominating the industry harder than ever before.

“Lust Conquers All” is the epitome of what Non Neutral brings to the table — passion, fire, energy and, above all else, heavy rock.

The single starts off with scratchy static, setting the scene for a prolific narrative to unfold. Non Neutral’s mix of metal drums and heavy bass meet lead singer Charlie Velásquez’s hip hop flow — a pairing reminiscent of the late Chester Bennington. “Desire, the way we’re wired,” chants Velásquez… our innate temperament is comparable to that of animals. Survival is paramount on following through with these carnal urges. For fans of metal, “Lust Conquers All” is as if the favorable parts of Korn, Linkin Park, P.O.D. and Disturbed discography morphed into one almighty requiem.

The single is out now all on all digital outlets, as well as the official “Lust Conquers All” lyric video! For more information on Non Neutral, follow the links below or visit the Long Beach Records LATAM website.

Purchase or stream “Lust Conquers All” single:

Non-Neutral – “Lust Conquers All” lyric video:

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