Passafire joins Easy Star Records

Big news coming out from the NYC this week as independent label Easy Star Records just announced that reggae rock all stars Passafire will be joining their already impressive roster. Easy Star Records, the 15 year veterans of reggae rock has been the leading label for reggae rock artists like John Brown's Body, The Green, and Easy Star All-Stars just to name a few.

Passafire, the Savannah, Georgia natives has been extremely busy throughout the years, releasing it's first self titled album back in 2006 and touring with such artists like Rebelution, 311, The Expendables, Pepper, The Green, Cas Haley, John Brown's Body, and of course, Easy Star All-Stars. Interestingly enough the latter two bands have been a personal favorite of Passafire's lead singer Ted.

Since forming in 2003, the four man team of Passafire has shown its true dedication by being one of the most actively touring bands in the genre, filling up venues nationwide. This such dedication and hard work shows as the band will be releasing it's fifth album release named “Vines” set to be released mid November and marking the first album to be released under Easy Star Records.

A big “Top Shelf” congratulations and best wishes for both Passafire and Easy Star Records on their continued success.

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