Passafire rocks out Solana Beach, CA

Passafire brought their east coast rock to the Belly Up venue in Solana Beach, CA on October 10, 2014. As part of their Fall Tour currently taking place, Passafire is traveling all around the U.S. to showcase songs off their latest album, Vines. Though the band is well-loved in the reggae-rock scene, it is really their rock music that sets them apart from reggae-infused bands. Who can blame them with the type of rock that they showcase.

…it is really their rock music that sets them apart from reggae-infused bands.

The Expanders from Los Angeles started the night. This band appears to have many fans in San Diego as Top Shelf Reggae saw a lot of fans not only sporting their Expanders shirts, but also showing up to support the reggae trio. As a three-piece harmonic band, The Expanders win over any roots reggae fan with their music.

Passafire has amazing fans, but then again, what fans are not going to show their support by screaming and singing along to favorite songs? The difference with Passafire fans is not only did they show their support at this California show, but they appeared to have understood the music at a deeper level. Perhaps that is due to songs by Passafire which appear deep and moving, but in a rock ‘n’ roll style. One can think of Passafire’s music as Nirvana’s rock music, but from the East Coast and pertaining to modern-day music.


Passafire performed such songs as “Earthquake,” “Right Thing,” “Rude Boi,” and “Souvenir,” as well as “Feel It” for a much-demanded encore.

For more information, check out their website and tour information below.

Photo credit: Jenny Martinez

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