Peter Tosh museum set to open in Jamaica

Almost the entire world is familiar with the legendary Bob Marley. However, a name that often gets overshadowed by Marley’s legacy is the extremely influential Peter Tosh. Tosh was a self-taught guitarist and keyboardist as well as a co-founder of The Wailers. He was responsible for some of The Wailer’s most popular songs such as, “Get Up, Stand Up,” and “400 Years”. His solo career really took off with his album, Bush Doctor, that was on Rolling Stones Records and made his music reach a larger audience. Not only was he an accomplished musician, but he is also well-known for his anti-establishment views. Tosh was an activist in numerous civil rights movements, fought against police brutality, and demanded social justice and the legalization of marijuana with his hit song, “Legalize it”. One night, after returning to his home in Jamaica, Tosh was unfortunately murdered by three gunmen attempting to rob him. Decades after his death, Peter Tosh is still an iconic figure in countries across the world.

Peter Tosh is still an iconic figure in countries across the world.

In the summer of 2016, a museum will be opened in Kingston, Jamaica to honor the legacy of Peter Tosh. It will be located in Peter Tosh Square at The Pulse Centre on Trafalgar Road. The museum will showcase Peter Tosh memorabilia such as the famous unicycle that he would often use for transportation and after much debate; his M16 guitar will also have a place in the museum. For the first time, the public will have access to limited Peter Tosh merchandise as well as fascinating audio and video recordings of the man himself. This museum is something special for Tosh’s family, the people of Kingston, and all reggae enthusiasts alike. It is the perfect way to carry on the Peter Tosh legacy along with his message of equality and justice. The Peter Tosh museum would definitely be worth checking out to have the unique opportunity to relive parts of a life that had such a positive impact on the masses. 

For more information about Peter Tosh and his legacy, please visit his website.

Peter Tosh Museum
Pulse Centre on Trafalgar Road
Kingston, Jamaica

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