Project 432 says all successes “Take Time” in new single

Project 432 says all successes “Take Time” in new single

Denver-based American reggae band Project 432 resurfaces for the second time this year with “Take Time” — a song about diligence and drive. For, nothing comes to those who wait and Project 432 is well aware of the overwhelming amount of work required just to make a decent living within the industry of music. Doesn’t bother them though… the band has a little something they like to call ‘work ethic’.

“Take Time” is the slow and steady, the long haul, the progress over perfect.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, a mathematician or the guy that straps you into rides at the county fair, distraction will be your number one downfall. So many of us get consumed by life events, social settings or (especially) personal putdowns that we forget to cast fear aside when it comes to our ambitions. But, getting to where you aim to be from where you are now doesn’t happen over night. Project 432 preaches “if you work hard every day, it’s gonna pay off someday” — and right they are. “Closed mouths don’t get fed”, so be hungry! Fuel yourself forward, even if people don’t agree with your goals. Matching this go-getter mantra is a frivolous walking bass line, bumping along to fun guitar riffs over a skilled beat. Every part of this song makes you want to go out and be somebody, go get stuff done and feel accomplished. And, hey, after a year-long hiatus in quarantine, there is no better time than now to push ourselves out of our own comfort zones!

“Take Time” is now available on all digital outlets via Rebel Sound Records, recorded at drummer Mark LeBlanc’s own Soco Sound Lab. Following their “Subtleties” single of late April, Project 432 is hinting at a full-length on the horizon, which, if it’s anything like their previous recorded works, is something to definitely mark your calendars for! For more information on Project 432 or to stream the new single now, visit the links below.

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Project 432 – “Take Time”

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