Rebelution and Protoje at the Majestic Ventura Theater

The second half of Rebelution’s annual Winter Greens tour stopped in Ventura for two nights with special guest Protoje and his band The Indiggnation. They played the historic Majestic Ventura Theater, right off of Main Street, and sold out the venue two nights in a row. We were able to catch them on Sunday night and as soon as we pulled up, the streets were busy with fans of all ages excited to see the show. Rebelution pulls in a diverse crowd of people, whether you’re a die-hard reggae fan or not, they will have you on your feet and dancing the night away. Also, talented artists Chris Morphis and Ania Amador have been accompanying these two bands on this tour to do live paintings during the performances and add to the experience of live music.  

Rebelution Protoje Winter Greens Tour

Everything from his fierce back-up singers/dancers to his influential words and unique voice made for a memorable performance.

This tour was a great opportunity for Protoje to have his music reach a much larger audience. This was my first time seeing him perform and I know it won’t be the last. This Jamaican native creates conscious music with his powerful lyrics and righteous beliefs. Protoje is playing a major role in what is becoming known as the “Reggae Revival” in Jamaica because of the vintage feel to his reggae music that still keeps up with current times. Their reggae, dub style with apparent influence of hip-hop was the perfect way to start off the night and get the crowd going. Everything from his fierce back-up singers/dancers to his influential words and unique voice made for a memorable performance. Check out his most recent music and future tour dates on his website:

After much anticipation, Rebelution came out to rock the house and as usual, they did not disappoint. No matter how many times I see this band, I am always so impressed by their horns section. Khris Royal on the sax, and Zach Meyerowitz on the trumpet bring the heat with their different solos throughout the set. Lead singer and guitarist, Eric Rachmany, also brings intense guitar solos that leave the crowd cheering every time.  Rebelution is quite familiar with playing large stages for huge crowds at sold out shows and festivals, so it was a treat to see them up-close and personal at this semi-intimate venue; the energy they always bring was through the roof. During their set, they also played a new song off of their upcoming album titled Inhale Exhale, that definitely had that Rebelution sound that keeps everyone coming back to see more. There isn’t an exact date for the release of their new album but be on the look out for new music and upcoming tour dates for this summer at    

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