Rise to the occasion for Colorado’s ARISE Music Festival

Loveland, Colorado’s beautiful 100-acre Sunrise Ranch is being transformed for a second year to become the three-day diverse music and awareness event known as the ARISE Music Festival. The event is set less than a month away on August 8th through the 10th, and although it is only in its second year, the festival is far on its way to being labeled an annual movement of eco-awareness – self-describing itself as being “part music, part well-being symposium”.  This is due in full to the balance of a multi-genre musical lineup, natural health-oriented workshops, daily live music-inspired yoga and celebrity eco activism ubiquitous throughout the weekend to bring about not just a party, but also peace and productivity.

ARISE’s second year lineup meticulously blends reggae, trip hop, hip hop, rock and roll, folk, bluegrass, dance and EDM to meet every festival-goers’ personal tastes.

ARISE’s second year lineup meticulously blends reggae, trip hop, hip hop, rock and roll, folk, bluegrass, dance and EDM to meet every festival-goers’ personal tastes. Main acts include Beats Antique, Galactic, Tribal Seeds, Groundation, The Infamous Stringdusters, Keller Williams, The Polish Ambassador and Nahko and Medicine for the People as well as many more bands from dusk til dawn. One unique entity to be noted on the three-day agenda is the Everyone Orchestra – a round house of ARISE headlining performers on one stage jamming together under conducting maestro Matt Butler. Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) will bring eco-centricity into the light through songs and stories, and other keynote speakers include Sheryl Lee, Daniel Gutierrez and “The Fractivist” Shane Davis.

Voluntary workshops crank lessons around the clock for anyone who wants to join – ranging from belly dancing to medicine herb walking to African drumming to yoga. And for people who want to shy away from the main stage, coffee shop-like open mic jams will be open for the public to showcase their talents at will.  Beer gardens will feature craft brews from around the region, but the weekend isn’t exclusive to adults; the event is advertised as all ages, even with a sing-along planned by Peter Yarrow with songs like “Puff, The Magic Dragon” in the morning. Local artists will also be a prominent part of the weekend, creating and selling their products alongside the four performing stages.

ARISE tickets are still being sold online until the day before the festival, so what are you waiting for? The Colorado party of the year is beckoning.

ARISE Music Festival 2014 Lineup


  • Beats Antique
  • The Polish Ambassador
  • Groundation
  • Tribal Seeds
  • Kan’nal
  • Tatanka
  • Musketeer Gripweed
  • Late Night Radio
  • Marvel Years
  • Ayla Nereo
  • Yuyu
  • Krooked Drivers
  • Earth Guardians
  • GKen-E
  • Gipsy Moon
  • Cofresi
  • Filibusta
  • Sea Stars
  • Templo
  • Lil Sum’n Sum’n
  • Rhythm Sanctuary
  • Motion Trap
  • Serephine
  • Mr. Gettdowne
  • Dub’l Dragon
  • DJ Russo
  • Sundragon
  • Azon Classic
  • INTI


  • Galactic Ft Chali 2na & Lyrics Born
  • The Infamous Stringdusters
  • Quixotic
  • Everyone Orchestra ft Steve Kimock
  • Yamn
  • Mr Bill
  • O-Neb
  • Unlimited Aspect
  • Sunsquabi
  • The Reminders
  • Proper Motion
  • Mile High Sound Movement
  • Earth Guardians
  • Dixon’s Violin
  • The Drunken Hearts
  • Kitchen Dwellers
  • Stonefed
  • Rumtum
  • The Wandering Monks
  • The Recovery Act
  • Hog Magundy
  • Elder Grown
  • Ryan Viser
  • Mantaray
  • Real Cosby
  • Fractal Tribe
  • Buddha Bomb
  • Jayce
  • Club Divine with Mantra Matrix
  • Sangha
  • Beth Preston
  • Jeremy Roske


  • Grateful Grass ft Keller Willians, Allie Kral, Billy Nershi &Reed Mathis
  • Nahko & Medicine for the People
  • Peter Yarrow
  • Sheryl Lee
  • Birds of Chicago
  • The Magic Beans
  • Bonfire Dub feat. Bridget Law
  • Miraja
  • Good Gravy
  • Dixon’s Violin
  • Cloud D
  • Genetics
  • Tnertle
  • Skydyed
  • Sambadende
  • Satsang
  • Psydell
  • Roshan Bhartiya and Andy Skellenger
  • Kissidugu
  • Serephine
  • Tierro
  • Spafford
  • Patrick Lee Official
  • Fractal Tribe
  • Azon Classic
  • Shaela Noella
  • Beth Preston
  • Steph’s Kirtan

2013 ARISE Music Festival Recap video

For more information about the 2014 ARISE Music Festival, please visit their website here.

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