Same Same But Different Fest returns for Year Two

Same Same But Different Fest returns for Year Two

The end of summer is a marvelous time for a weekend festival. Combine that with a serene camping getaway, the best in funky, fresh bands and a core group of friends to render yourself one of the greatest experiences. Same Same But Different Festival hit the sandy shores of Lake Perris last year: a secluded spot close enough to get there within hours of any major city, yet far enough to fully escape the harrows of southern California living… at least for a day or two. SSBD Year One was a magical event, no one knowing what the weekend was going to bring upon arrival. Large art installations, a coconut cabana club on the beach, swimming excursions between musical sets and cacao ceremonies taking place between yoga classes. Everyone was welcome; all were kept entertained. Same Same is anything but… and that’s its appeal.

Same Same is anything but… and that’s its appeal.

With its initial success, early adopters of this rising festival waited patiently to hear not only that SSBD will make a triumphant return, but moreover who will be attached to Year Two. Year One proffered a blend of funk, alternative, hip hop, reggae rock, EDM and just straight up weird. If you’ve ever witnessed Capyac in action, you would know the level of bizarre we’re talking about. After both general admission and VIP packages for Year Two flew off the digital shelves, it was time for the SSBD crew to reveal who will be showcased this upcoming September 20th and 21st back at the Lake Perris Recreational Campgrounds. Let the confetti rain from the sky, for Year Two is something to celebrate. 

Following in the same footsteps as before, SSBD 2 will host headliners that will get you hyped. World music meets alt meets a certain je ne sais quoi band Beats Antique will be closing down alongside “Harlem Shake” bigwig Baauer. The colorful crew of Turkuaz will also join the party, with Exmag, Cofresi, Megan Hamilton, Baby Fuzz, Boostive and Elektric Voodoo. And, like we said, nothing is as ‘Different’ as Capyac, who will be making a return appearance. More artists on the rundown are Camalia, Equianimous, Aviator Stash, Moves Collective, Chugboat, Coral Bells, Fashion Jackson, AJ Froman, Mimi Zulu, Paige Kohler, Casey Turner Music, Oscar Ceballos, Another Monkey, Subko, Qulture and, of course, co-founder Peter Eichar’s band MDRN HSTRY

On performing at the fest, co-founder Brad Sweet comments, “We’re musicians ourselves, so the music always comes first for us, but we strive to create a relaxed, welcoming environment where you can explore, swim, hike and play through the weekend.” Seriously. There is so much to do at this fest that it’s virtually impossible to get bored. Between two alternating stages, there is the lake (with a sizable amount of floatables creating an entire hydro community out there) to swim in, paddle board on or (if you’re really ballin’) boat across. There are interactive art classes, scheduled ceremonies, active excursions and, most importantly, dancing with a coconut in hand. The festival boasts an expansive camping area for tents and RVs alike, so party into the night without worrying about driving home or killing your buzz waiting in a long Uber line. Lastly, SSBD partners with The Social Garden, a non-profit known for their work in setting up urban gardens and promoting education for agricultural sustainability.

With all of this and more, Same Same But Different has to be on your festival bucketlist. Turns out, we’re not the only ones that feel this way. Tier One Early Bird weekend passes are already sold out for both general admission and VIP. Tier Two Early Bird is underway, with prices starting at $145 for both days. More artists will be added to the lineup, as well! So, snagging tickets now will not only save a buck, but secure your ticket to ride when even more excitement gets thrown into the mix. To buy now, visit the links below or visit

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