Samuel Herb will plant trees if you stream his latest single

Samuel Herb will plant trees if you stream his latest single

Nashville Americana artist Samuel Herb has tipped his hat to mother nature on Earth Day with his brand new single, “To the Trees”. This latest release is more than just a song; it’s a beautiful tribute to his personal relationship with nature and all that he loves about the earth. As he points out in the lyrics, he often finds himself wandering the wilderness and telling the trees all of his most cherished thoughts. “They hear all my troubles and keep them in the leaves,” Herb comments. “No one would believe them if they ever told on me, so I’m telling all my secrets to the trees.” 

Produced by GRAMMY-nominated engineer Adam Grover, “To the Trees” is a toe-tapping masterpiece that blends Samuel’s signature Americana sound with his passion for the environment — a passion that goes far beyond the music. For every 1K streams of the single, Samuel will plant one tree through his partnership with

Additionally, for every piece of merchandise sold from his store, Samuel will plant one tree.

To date, Samuel and his fans have already planted over 1,000 trees! With this initiative, Samuel is taking the lead in supporting reforestation efforts and encouraging others to join him in this cause with the power of song. “To the Trees” is now available on all streaming platforms, so be sure to give it a few extra Earth Day spins! 

I hope people are feeling extra Earthy and want to say hi ‘To the Trees’ with me! I wanted to thank the trees for always being there to give fresh air and never telling my secrets while I talk to myself in the woods.

— Samuel herb —

Watch the live version of “To The Trees”:

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