SayReal with “Marbles”

From Santa Monica, California comes a pop/rock band called SayReal. Mixing certain sounds of reggae by using special guitar riffs and some sultry vocals, the band portrays their spirit in their single, “Marbles,” off their upcoming debut EP, Unarmed and Ready.

The band features singer, Naia Kete, who tried out her vocals in the NBC show, The Voice. She also performed at California Roots Music Festival, for those who support all kinds of reggae-inspired music, along with the get-togethers.

In the single, “Marbles,” Kete’s vocals really shine, as does the rhythm music, which seems quite inspired by both reggae and rock music. The lyrics seem to fit the band’s persona, and the song is very well-produced.

Kete’s vocals really shine, as does the rhythm music

With a sound similar to the band, Magic and their hit single, “Rude,” the music from SayReal also carries a popular appeal. Although many reggae supporters might cringe at the mention of popular music, SayReal is known to have family members with a considerable amount of history in the music industry.

SayReal will soon be releasing their EP, and have plans to tour in the spring. For more information on the band, check out their website.

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