Scrap Yard Aces praise “Mota” in new single & video

Huntington Beach's Scrap Yard Aces (SYA) are reveling in that sweet, sweet essence of Maryjane with their latest “Mota” single and subsequent video. Residing so close to their Mexican border, Southern California natives know that herb nowadays comes in all shapes, smells, sizes and potencies – why not hit up our southern neighbors for the best deal? (Hit up… see what we did there?) SYA says they like their weed “so cheap, so kind” and that “mota Mexicana” definitely does the trick. “When times are tough, you show me mercy,” says SYA, so let's heal wounds with some all-natural medicine. In fact, let's transcend the boundaries of space and time while we're at it! 

“Mota” will get you in the right mindset to tackle any day.

The track, mixed and engineered by Shawn Taylor of The Simpkin Project, features energetic horns and a piercing rock'n'roll guitar sound. Lead singer Steve Woods' vocals also have a ska edge to them, like listening to a modern, marijuana-loving Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Heavy basslines guide the listener into the bridge, where a playful bubble organ joins the track to make “Mota” an all-around fun listen. Considering all its uplifting elements, “Mota” will get you in the right mindset to tackle any day. The track is now available on all digital outlets, but before you bump it as you cruise the beach, check out the classic car-infused video for “Mota” below.

Official “Mota” music video:

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