Seedless’ new single “Bullet” leaves us trigger happy

On a more savage side to Seedless, the Orange County natives blow away their fans with their new single “Bullet”, reaching more than 1,800 views on Youtube within the first 72 hours of uploading!

Resonant of post-millennia punk bands such as Coheed and Cambria or Avenged Sevenfold, the single starts out heavy on walking electric guitar and bass riffs to immediately rip through the spinal cord – searching for any unused adrenaline.  Harder and edgier than Seedless has ever chanced to go, Casey Sullivan takes lead vocals in stride, as if punk rock was his second language to reggae rhythm. As the song spirals cathartically around the first verse to climax in the chorus, the listener is taken aback when Seedless suddenly pumps the breaks on the nervous system; the word “bullet” literally shoots the song’s fast tempo to a halt as if a trigger has been pulled and the listener must now face the consequences.

Seedless suddenly pumps the breaks on the nervous system

Expelled from the chamber of rock into the reggae reflective second verse, Matt Liufau seizes lead vocals to prolifically preach against getting caught up with “life in the fast lane” and to “slow down” in order to rid oneself of martyrdom, or “wearing a thorned” crown. With a millisecond of salvation in mind, Seedless hammers back in the double drum pace, letting their listeners know they mustn’t get too comfortable. The tone karate kicks back into the escalating whirlwind the song began with, although this time littered with reverberations of Liufau’s timbre to induce a nostalgic hope for peace within the collateral damage of Sullivan’s metaphoric ‘loading of the chamber’. The song terminates as abruptly as it began, forcing the listener to ponder if they were truly paying enough attention or do they need to hear it again?

Never a dull moment, Seedless’ “Bullet” begs the question: can you blissfully “breathe the fresh air” or are you bound to suffer eternally the breech pressure of our own existence?

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