Sensi Trails on the rise

Sensi Trails is on the rise as band’s frontman, Kyle Rising, relocates to Ocean Beach, San Diego. Originally from Kill Devil Hills, a town on the outer banks of North Carolina, Sensi Trails has shared the stage with The Original Wailers, Pato Banton, E.N Young and Through the Roots. Kyle’s love for music started in the third grade, when his teacher used music as a form of teaching. He asked his parents for a guitar and they agreed, as long as he practiced every day. After many years of practice and countless talent shows, Kyle finally felt confident to write his own songs.

The sound of Sensi Trails is dynamic with a core focus on reggae…

During the summer of 2014, while on vacation with his family on the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina, Kyle walked down the beach with his acoustic guitar and ran into his favorite band, Tribal Seeds. Tribal Seeds, who was playing a show later that night in OBX, spent time hanging out at the beach with Kyle who played a few of his original songs for them. Later that day, Kyle and his family went down to a nearby ice cream shop. The shop owner was singing while he was scooping ice cream. Kyle’s father asked him to sing the owner one of his freshly written songs. Kyle, who still had his guitar with him, played an original song for the shop owner who enjoyed the song so much, he offered Kyle a job to work at the shop and even live with them the following summer.

One year later, after completing his first year at Radford University, Kyle moved to the OBX to sing songs in the ice cream shop. During this time, he wrote many original songs and learned how to surf. After a summer of singing “holly jollies” in the ice cream shop, he started attending a local open mic in the winter of 2016, where he made friends with local musicians interested in starting a reggae project, which, at the time turned into Kyle Rising and the Rising Tide. The band quickly gained a significant following.

One night, while setting up to play a show at The Outer Banks Brewing Station, the sound tech made a joke about the band coming in and out of the venue followed by a sweet aroma. Kyle told him that “they were just leaving behind Sensi Trails”. By the following week, the band changed its name. After two years of touring the east coast and a band member deciding the leave the band, Kyle was ready for a change. He packed everything into the tour van and drove across country to relocate to Ocean Beach, San Diego on August 02, 2018. He has found new band members since, booked shows and is currently working on new music at Imperial Sound Studios in San Diego. Kyle notes his transition to the west coast couldn’t have been possible without the support of his family and his friends, Shane and Dena Hooper of Customized Grinder.

Since moving to California, Sensi Trails has received an incredible amount of support from the reggae community. Recent venues played include Discovery Ventura, Sandbar Santa Barbara and Winston’s in Ocean Beach. The sound of Sensi Trails is dynamic with a core focus on reggae, tastefully decorated with splashes of blues rock, pop and hip hop. Sensi Trails musical influences come from a variety of artists including The Avett Brothers, People's Blues of Richmond, The Movement and Stick Figure. To experience Sensi Trails' debut EP Prohibition yourself, visit the links below!

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Photography by Renee Simpson

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