SINGLE PREMIERE: Jody Leylac “No De De” acoustic

Following her bass-heavy summer anthem, “No De De”, east coast reggae star on the rise Jody Leylac debuts the pulled back unplugged version today, only on Top Shelf Reggae! Leylac developed her vocal talents singing in a gospel choir as a child in Jamaica – talents heard loud and clear in this polished, acoustic adaptation of her latest single.

Jody Leylac's new R&B-meets-reggae vibe in this track is one to be recognized.

Beginning with melancholic keys, Leylac enters the track forlorn, cooing along to the jazzy melody. That is, until she giggles and the timbre changes to acusatory. “Why you comin' over here?” Questions Leylac, can't you see I'm with my girls? It's a tale as old as timeless nights: some scrub interrupts you at the bar, spouting cheeky, half-cocked lines in an attempt to take home twice the woman he deserves (with little or no effort on his part), all the while blatently disregarding your intention to be left alone. “Oh boy, don't you botha me,” chants Leylac, “the answer is NO.” Like a hard no, though.

With just a piano backing, Leylac reenacts a 1930's nightclub style, back when one player and one chanteuse used to perform for the entire house. And, since the track is about playful rejection, this allusion to yesteryear, when women were treated with more respect, is all the more fitting. Ending with a unique laugh-singing, almost skatting, technique on the bridge, Jody Leylac's new R&B-meets-reggae vibe in this track is one to be recognized.

Listen for yourself!

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