Spellbound over Cruel World 2023 lineup

Spellbound over Cruel World 2023 lineup

Woe to those that can’t attend the return of Cruel World! What some thought to have been a one-off from Goldenvoice just announced its sophomore lineup — and one that would make the inaugural year cry. If you missed it, the sad and ambivalent, the modern, yet indifferent descended upon the expansive grounds of the Pasadena Rose Bowl last May to take in New Wave and post punk icons DEVO, Blondie, Berlin, Bauhaus, and — to top it all off — the original Mr. Emo himself, Morrissey (who actually showed!!!).

How could Cruel World cut any deeper??

Well, turns out, the second rendition is something of a marvel itself. Bringing together more of the biggest names of 80s dark wave and alternative comes Cruel World 2023, going down once again all in one day on May 20th in Pasadena, California. If last year was any indicator (especially with the numerous other Goldenvoice one-day events falling suit), fans can likely count on a second fest day to be added if ticket sales fly come January 27th at 12pm PT… which they will. And, when we say ‘second day’, it will literally be the same lineup twice — no splitskies! You get all or nothing in this Cruel World of ours.

To that point, Goldenvoice is REALLY going all out this year. Siouxsie Sioux (sans Banshees) will headline alongside one of the craziest and most prolific icons in rock history — Iggy Pop. Iggy, performing his latest hit songs as well as old faves at 77 years of age, is still a wild animal performing on a stage and, yes, will still be half-naked doing so. We’re not even mad about it.

Further fascinations for 2023 include Billy Idol (probably also half-naked), Love and Rockets, Echo & The Bunnymen (for REAL this time, since their sudden drop from the lineup last year), and so many others! The Human League, Adam Ant, Gary Numan, Modern English… Goldenvoice, you’ve stopped the world with this fest and we will gladly melt with you.

Speaking of melting, make sure to pack your sunscreen and load up on your water intake, since it’s going to be HOT in Pasadena. Good thing Goldenvoice knows how to treat their attendees with free water for those who need it! As we mentioned before, ticket sales launch on January 27th, 2023 at noon Pacific time although you can already sign up to be in the waiting room when the time comes! Don’t miss out due to budgeting, since payment plans start at only $49.99 down. For more information, visit the links below and we’ll see you in May!

Top Shelf Music curated Cruel World 2023 playlist:

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