Steven Malcolm x Shaggy ignites in “Fuego (Remix)”

Steven Malcolm x Shaggy ignites in “Fuego (Remix)”

Indie rapper turned major label artist Steven Malcolm has built a hefty following up over the years — boasting over 2.1 million Spotify streams for his last album alone! That’s right, Malcolm’s The Second City was so fuego, it garnered attention from all over the globe, most notably from GRAMMY-award winning reggae superstar Shaggy (who, in turn, wanted to collaborate on the album’s hottest single, “Fuego”).

It’s just too hot to handle.

With Shaggy in the mix, Malcolm’s Latin-infused anthem lays as heavily into trap as it does to Caribbean reggae. Balanced, seamless and multicultural, the two play off each other well, as the track unrolls like a fresh blunt wrap. “I’m on a whole new level,” Malcolm exclaims between intentional inhales and “WOOO” outbursts. It’s clear he “got dat fuego”.

Malcolm comments on the remix: “Shaggy brought that Jamaican patois to ‘Fuego’ and added a different vibe to it. The song already has Latin guitars in it, so he came in there and added his Caribbean spice. This song is about to be legendary! It’s about to be fuego.”

Steven Malcolm’s own roots stem from the Caribbean, as his father was born in Montego Bay; as a result, ties to the Caribbean surface throughout his discography, most notably in The Second City. With the remix out everywhere via IVAV, Malcolm and Shaggy have double-downed with a smokin’ new music video to accompany its release. Watch as the two meander through darkened city streets, attempting to evade a femme fatale crime boss with henchmen in tow. For more information on Steven Malcolm, visit the links below.

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