Stick Figure collabs with Slightly Stoopid in “Way of Life” single

Stick Figure collabs with Slightly Stoopid in “Way of Life” single

Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like the long days of summer and nothing says summer quite like new music from Stick Figure. Just in time for the hottest part of the year, Scott Woodruff — known professionally as Stick Figure — has taken his self-taught, multi-instrumentalist skillset and teamed up with fellow American reggae legend Kyle McDonald (of Slightly Stoopid) to hit us with “Way of Life.” Released on June 10th through Ineffable Music, this perfectly dubbed ballad with an unmistakeable Stick Figure sound radiates with the vibes this time of year invokes and is meant to give off the feeling like you’re being taken back to the days of old-school roots reggae. It’s smooth, simple and overflowing with a positive attitude, all while blending multiple forms of dub influences with modern house and tropical music.

This new single is absolutely designed to transport your mind to a beach paradise anywhere in the world. 

“Way of Life” is set to be the lead single off of Stick’s upcoming album, which is in the final stages of production now and planned to be released later this year. It feels like each new album produced by Stick Figure keeps having a higher and higher bar to hit. Seemingly setting an unending list of records with each drop, this new album will be a follow up to 2019’s World on Fire, which is now honored with the distinction of being the first reggae album to reach 10,000 sales in its first week since Shaggy and Sting did it back in 2018. That’s some good company to keep when it comes to album sales. Speaking of album sales, it is also hard not to point out that for the last three years, Stick Figure has come in second only to Bob Marley in regards to records sold in the US. It’s stats like these that make any reggae fan that much more excited for a world with new Stick Figure music in it. 

Doing it all from start to finish, from conception to creation, Woodruff has put himself in a position where it could be argued that he is one of the most creative and influential reggae artists alive today. For close to two decades, this man — mostly on his own — has played every instrument, recorded every vocal track, as well as written and produced every single track released under the name Stick Figure (with intermittent help from longtime friend T.J O’Neill, of course), crafting a signature sound in the process that has reached millions of ears across a number of continents. When it comes to ears a little closer to home though, Stick is currently out on a nearly sold-out national US tour, headlining iconic venues such as the mighty Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Fiddler’s Green Ampitheatre in Denver, Stubb’s in Austin and Chicago’s famous Aragon Ballroom, setting record tickets sales for reggae artists almost every night. Of course, it couldn’t be done without the help of his insanely skilled band backing him up, helping to bring all of those hits created by Woodruff to life for the masses to enjoy. 

“Way of Life” checks every box when it comes to being another classic Stick Figure song.

The chorus is catchy and thought-provoking, while not being overabundant. Having Kyle from Stoopid featured on the track was a crucial choice; the way his vocals match with the overall style and cadence of the song adds a level of intrigue that sets it apart. Overall, it’s a great song that represents just the beginning of what is sure to be a wonderful, reggae-filled summer. “Way of Life” is available everywhere now, and be sure to follow Stick Figure and Ineffable Music for more releases coming soon.  

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Stick Figure – “Way of Life”, feat. Slightly Stoopid

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