Stranger rocks their hometown

On Saturday, September 6, 2014, Stranger was in their hometown of San Diego long enough to play for a great crowd who obviously adores them. Lucky for the fans too, Stranger was the only one scheduled to play, which is amazing because the band played for about two hours straight! It appeared both band and audience were also in for some classic Stranger songs.

The show started a bit after 10:30 PM and no one seemed to know the band was going to play non-stop for the entire night. Of course, no one was complaining because everyone was there for familiar music that tends to rock the entire San Diego County, and recently became sporadic due to the band touring the nation to date.

It was great seeing the entire band together, though. The guys started with their well-known intro’ that goes into the song, “Believe.” A few of those classic songs were “Woodland,” “One Drop,” and “Lift Up Your Hands.” Other songs included “Skanking in the Dark,” “Under Control,” “All Yours,” “Now is the Time,” and “Royalties.” It was clear from crowd reaction that fans missed these hits from a band known to rock the house.

Stranger is headed back on the road later this month in Arizona, and then heads over to Florida. For more information, check out their website.

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