Surrounded by the Sound Music & Arts Festival announced

Reggae-rock lovers of the American East Coast are able to enjoy a growing number of festivals each year, expanding from the bicoastal pioneers behind California Roots: Carolina Sessions after their initial success of Monterey, California’s Cali Roots – now eight years in the making! Needless to say, the movement is quickly becoming unstoppable. Inspired by the premiere Carolina Sessions turnout, Sun-Dried Vibe member Zach Fowler and associates created the Irie Vibes Music Festival to spread positivity and togetherness between east coast and southeast reggae-lovers alike. Now in its 5th Annual, Fowler and friends have opted to make the festival bigger, better… and rebranded. For the first time ever, the 5th year of Irie Vibes will be known as the Surrounded by the Sound Music & Arts Festival (SBTS): a four-day fall grassroots extravaganza, going down at the Chattooga River Resort and Campgrounds in Long Creek, South Carolina this upcoming September 1st-4th 2017. And, don’t worry, Irie Vibes Fest fans – SBTS Fest won’t disappoint!

Clearly, a new festival name does not constitute any less quality of experience.

Four stages will be erected to host 38 bands and performers over the four-day fest. And, you don’t have to be an east coast resident to recognize this all-star lineup: Passafire, The Movement, Ballyhoo!, Sun-Dried Vibes (cough, founders), Through the Roots, TreeHouse, Roots of Creation, Roots of a Rebellion, Beebs & Her Money Makers, Resinated, Tropedelic, Bumpin Uglies, Oogee Wawa, The Late Ones, Of Good Nature, Gary Dread, Signal Fire, Higher Education, Oceanstone, Sowflo, Seewater, I.R.E., Elephant Convoy, Noneed, THE Dubber, Floralorix, Lovely Budz, Yuki, Total Collision, E. Mills, PMR, Domii, Roots of All, Concrete Roots, Bubba Love, The LaZ Band, Elusive Groove, and Indaskies. Not too shabby at all… Split between four stages, the Innova Discs Main Stage and Rowdy Roots Stage will be holding the majority of acts, while the Bangbox Percussion Acoustic Stage will help take the hysteria down a notch with more intimate performances, and the Flowlife Entertainment Late Night Stage keeps the party going well into the night with high-energy acts from Beebs, Roots of Creation, and more. Clearly, a new festival name does not constitute any less quality of experience.

SBTS is an all-ages event, and is more than just music! An uber-friendly, yet ultra-competitive disc golf tournament kicks off Day Two (hosted by Innova and Bang Chains), and interactive workshops will offer a ton of fun around the fest, catering to yogi-heads, hula-hoopers, fire-spinners, glass blowers, and more. Got a little one? There will be a designated Kids Zone for them to scamper and play while you enjoy craft beverages and food from vendors all over the North and South Carolinas. Explore art galleries stationed around the grounds, and take home the experience by purchasing one-of-a-kind merchandise from retail and art vendors from around the country! Whatever you want to get into this Labor Day Weekend, SBTS will provide it… and then some.

If you’re not convinced that SBTS is the place to be this fall, did we mention that a three-day general admission pass with camping only costs a whopping $100????? DID. THAT. JUST. BLOW. YOUR. MIND? Camping spots are on a first-come, first-served basis, but are 100% guaranteed with every three-day festival ticket purchase. VIP upgrades are only a measly $50 more, and discounted food and beverages in all VIP sections on top of exclusive viewing areas. Spend a little more, save a lot on libations! Single day tickets will be sold closer to the event, but for now, a limited amount of Pre Party Tickets are available online, allowing attendees not only entry to the event, but early access to the grounds and campsite on top of four private Friday band performances! Volunteer signups and select vendor applications can be submitted online at this time, as well. For more information, visit

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