Th3rd Coast Roots releases “Lovers Rock” single

In our previous interview with Th3rd Coast Roots, we discussed new music to be released and it is with great pleasure that we announce their latest single, “Lovers Rock” — now available for download! Th3rd Coast Roots could not be happier to share this dynamic new single with their fans. “Lovers Rock”, with its pop-style lyrical structure and content blended with what the band calls “future roots rock reggae”, will give their listeners a preview of what more musical creations are coming their way.

The band notes this track brings a heavier vibe to reggae…

The band notes this track brings a heavier vibe to reggae, with a grungier guitar, 'steppa beat' and touches of electronic/dub. In efforts to spread the word about the new single, they created a short preview of “Lovers Rock” months leading up to the release date. The promotional video has sparked excellent feedback from fans. The 19-second video currently has over 35k views on Facebook and Instagram. The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Jayton Lening, says, “I think people are recognizing that this is different than anything we have done and the production is much larger than we have done before. The writing process for 'Lovers Rock' started when the band was visiting producer, E.N Young at Imperial Sound Studios in San Diego.”

Th3rd Coast Roots describes the experience of composing the new single as simple as sitting around Imperial Sound during free time and jamming on the chorus. In Jayton’s words, “The chorus kind of just came together right there. We put it away for a couple months and then I figured out a verse for it by creating a story. Marisa [Garcia] wrote her verse and the song was pretty much completed at that point. We did some minor modifications to the lyrics as we played with the song, but overall, it stayed the same.”

Marisa Garcia describes the process as a learning experience. She adds, “The song has such a different feel, now that we sat on it in the studio. I love that it is an upbeat love song, then the dub section gives it some edge.” When asked about creative process, Hunter Wilson explains, “It was humbling… hearing the tune grow colors over time. I had a great time coming up with drum fills and working collectively on the musicality of the track.”

The band is currently working on another single to be released this summer, as well as multiple singles to be released in the near future. “Every time we get together for rehearsal, we always work on new ideas,” Lening continued. “Everyone is getting situated and warmed up for the day and we start laying down fresh ideas.”

“Lovers Rock” is now available on all major streaming platforms and be sure to follow Th3rd Coast Roots on Facebook and Instagram for new music updates!

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