The Dirtnaps drop eerie “Shadow” single

The Dirtnaps drop eerie “Shadow” single

Rising hip hop-reggae artist The Dirtnaps out of Detroit is taking the quarantine scare up a notch in the latest single “Shadow”. The name might be plural, but The Dirtnaps is actually the brainchild of one-man-band Richard Ensley — writing, performing and producing it all on his own! After signing to Eyecon America, Ensley has pumped out singles that has garnered attention from all angles, even securing a spot on our very own Artist #Hotlist with host Alexia Johnson. And, if you think the global shutdown has hindered this man’s ambition, think again.

The Dirtnaps, fusing reggae beats with rapped lyrics like a modern Cypress Hill, remains on the tip of everyone’s tongues for a reason — the new sound they create is contagious. Speaking of contagion, Ensley capitalizes on COVID-19 by comparing current events to scripture in the hauntingly topical track “Shadow”. As overlaid newscasts spell out Detroit as the “epicenter of the crisis” over an ominous organ, the single starts out creepy as all hell… and like it’s being played back through an old phonogram.

Welcome to the end of times.

Inspired by Psalm 91 in The Bible, “Shadow” is less apocalypse now and more salvation is within reach if you so seek it: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Like the Bible verse, “Shadow” states that even under lockdown, we keep growin'” as a nation, we keep being human. Resist temptation to crumble into an anxiety-ridden mess; turn off the television for “a pandemic of fear has taken over the airwaves”. Is this biblical projection coming to fruition? Did we err so egregiously, we caused the end of times? Ask the murder hornets. Jumping from one to plague to another these days…

But, not all is lost!

If we remain righteous — even if we differ in religious beliefs — and if we band together, this too shall pass. The Dirtnaps know it, that’s why the newscaster changes to an educational narrator halfway through the track. In the end, all you need is love.

“Shadow” is now available on all major digital outlets and don’t forget to follow The Dirtnaps via the links below! With several slammin’ singles so far this year, it’s only a matter of time that The Dirtnaps become a household name. (Pun intended… because we’re in quarantine.)

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