The Olés resurface with “Out of Water” single

The Olés resurface with “Out of Water” single

Santa Barbara-based band The Olés are back in action with their new single “Out of Water” — the first of many to come! Following their latest album release Rise in 2018 (an LP produced by Rebelution‘s multi-talented Wes Finley), The Olés resurge with an even more mature reggae rock sound in “Out of Water”, following a few member changes in the band. And, their music isn’t the only thing that’s matured over the years.

A coming of age tale, “Out of Water” outlines the fine line between distraction and obligation that all adults must face.

The Olés bring to light the shift in priorities that happens naturally in everyone’s late 20s. Sure, up until this point, it’s been a total party… but, it seems that more and more is getting asked of you everyday and the bar is becoming more of a burden than a blast. Lead singer Matt Tweed says he’s “27, looking at the stairwell” — the proverbial escalation in career, family and prosperity. You cannot make the world your own if you remain swimming at the bottom of the wishing well. So, The Olés are rolling up their sleeves, closing out their bar tabs and trying to juggle it all “too tired to sleep” with “pressure skintight”. Just beware of overexertion, for the well will runneth dry eventually.

Subject matter aside, The Olés’ synthy bass and harmonized vocals engage the listener right off the bat, not to mention the horns and keys taking centerstage after the initial chorus. A heavy rock guitar and trombone dance together in solos leading to the song’s reprise: an audible analogy for the heavy weight of responsibility trying to outweigh the thrill of spontaneity and youthfulness. The id versus the ego.

Truly, “Out of Water” is devilishly fun, which is probably why the band chose to drop the single over Halloween weekend. Available everywhere now, “Out of Water” is only the start for this revamped band. To stay up-to-date on everything The Olés, follow the band via the links below!

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