The stress-free, fun-filled weekend at BeachLife 2022

The stress-free, fun-filled weekend at BeachLife 2022

This year’s BeachLife Festival perfectly reflected the famous picturesque lifestyle of southern California. Spanning the weekend of May 13th through the 15th in Redondo Beach, festival-goers experienced the warmth of the California sun, the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean and the swaying shade of palm trees, all while listening to a variety of 50 different live music performances across four beachfront stages. BeachLife is an independent music promotion company, dedicated to showcasing the talents of musicians, artists, performers, vendors and more.

The time and care put into the 2022 event was evident by the flawless execution of the entire weekend.

The energy that radiated from the endless sea of smiling faces was palpable, from 1 o’clock Friday afternoon, when Jim Lindberg of Pennywise and Velvet Starlings took the Low Tide and Rip Tide stages, respectively, all the way up until 9 o’clock Sunday night, when Steve Miller Band hit their final note from the High Tide Stage. Despite the mass of people, festival-goers had plenty of room to showcase stellar dance moves, lay down blankets and saunter up to the front row.

The festival lineup perfectly blended well-known headliners (Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Miller Band) with up-and-coming artists (Hoist the Colors, Charlotte Sabina, Lily Meola) and even more in-between (Long Beach Dub Allstars, Matisyahu, Ozomatli). This eclectic lineup provided attendees the opportunity to hear lifelong favorites, while also expanding the repertoire of their current music library.

Each stage brought out a different, yet pleasurable vibe.

Fans could kick up sand as they danced to performances at the Low Tide Stage, spread out a picnic blanket in the grass at the High Tide Stage, get up close and personal with artists at the Rip Tide Stage and cool down in the shade at the acoustic Speakeasy Stage. Attendees also had the opportunity to explore artist exhibits, showcasing and selling unique pieces of curated artwork from a variety of mediums, such as photographs, paintings, hemp work and jewelry.

BeachLife Festival ensured everything you could possibly need was available to guests throughout the weekend. The smell of sunscreen was only interrupted by the mouth-watering blended scents of the diverse food options cooked up onsite. Water was provided for free and single-use plastic was discouraged, a truly respectable move that helped keep plastic out of the ocean and limited the overall presence of trash. Restrooms were plentiful. Lockers were available. Lines were nonexistent.

The intricate details BeachLife provided, courtesy of the fest’s production teams, were graciously missed by festival-goers due to the sheer relaxation felt from simply attending. That in itself is a true indication that BeachLife knows how to put on a unique, memorable, stress-free event that will only continue to grow and contribute to the world-renowned southern California music scene. Stay tuned for articles depicting the day-to-day fun and performances experienced at the BeachLife Festival!

Photography by Jenna Shaw

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