Tifa drops “JA Party” single

Dancehall diva, Tifa, is ready to get the party started with her latest summery single “JA Party” – a track about, well, the finer things in life. The song is the second in sequence to hit digital outlets off Tifa's forthcoming 15-track album, set to be available later this summer, after her bangin’ “Buss A Whine” single debuted earlier this month. With both tracks escalating up the iTunes Reggae Charts, it’s clear that Tifa is about to release one of the hottest albums of the summer.

…Tifa is about to release one of the hottest albums of the summer.

Growing up a producer’s stepdaughter, Tifa has always had an affinity for the performing arts. It wasn’t until 2005 that Tifa began to place emphasis in her own talents, recording in her family’s Diamond Rush Records studio. And, diamonds are fitting, for this was only the beginning of Tifa’s dancehall reign on the Jamaican music scene. Now that a decade and a half has gone by, Tifa is primped and polished to deliver a unique sound and style that few dancehall artists ever acquire. You know, one with attitude.

The latest single, “JA Party”, is an ode to hometown fun in the sun, with bubbly beats and synthy string keys. Produced by renowned Christopher Birch of Birchill Records, the single is all about having “no place to be” – might as well “pop the cooler and pass me some liquor”! This summer anthem is perfect to be bumping poolside, with drink in hand and friends nearby. All that’s missing is being fanned via palm frond by a cute cabana boy. With hip hop lyrical delivery in the verses, the track isn’t all reggae derivative… and the fluttering keyboard offers a slight EDM vibe, too. When asked about the track, Tifa says “[the track] encourages people to leave their drama and stress behind; it’s about having a good time. Anywhere you are and you hear this song, a feeling of euphoria will take you over.” Apparently, there’s “nothing like a JA party” and Tifa wants to provide the soundtrack for each and every one. With the booty-smacking, nightclubbing video Tifa just busted out for “Buss A Whine” and this happy-go-lucky “JA Party” track in the mix, Tifa definitely has a lot of different personas shining through on her upcoming album. One thing’s for sure: fans are already having a field day with these two tastes of the full length.

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