Tones and I invigorates The Wiltern, Los Angeles

Tones and I invigorates The Wiltern, Los Angeles
Photo cred: Jenni Lynne

Australian pop sensations Tones and I, along with Sam Fischer, took fans for a night ‘down under’ at the famous Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on August 10th, 2022. The beautiful 1930s art deco theater was packed with an all-ages crowd. Even fellow Aussie, insane drummer turned indie-pop artist, G-Flip was in the mass of people in the pit to catch the show!

The night kicked-off with pop singer-songwriter Sam Fischer and his fabulous band.

The Australia-turned-LA transplant played his first LA hometown show in three years. Fischer kicked off with a few originals, even breaking it down acoustically to show off his smooth melodic style on “I Got to Live”. He kept the acoustic vibe going with a beautiful cover of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” as the crowd sang along.

Fischer took centerstage to share with fans how he had been bullied and jumped at the opportunity to pen the song “What Other People Say” with Demi Lovato. The sincere singer encouraged the crowd to chant “f*ck what other people say!” before launching into the hit song with his talented wife filling in for Lovato’s part. Fischer dedicated the final number, “This City”, to the crowd. He then shared how the song changed his life at a time when he wanted to quit music. Sam wrote the song in 2016; during the pandemic, it took off! People took safety in the song, reminding him why he continues to play music. Fischer wrote the song in West Hollywood and expressed that it was the first time performing in LA since the song became popular.

Sam Fischer

The stage housed the “Welcome to the Madhouse” set, with a picket fence dilapidated Madhouse and mailbox as the band took to the stage. The powerhouse vocalist of Tones and I, Toni Watson, took to the stage in a pink puffer coat, baseball cap and green animal print button-up shirt and opened with her hit “Never Seen the Rain” followed by the song about her childhood, “Bad Child”. Before performing the new song “Cloudy Day”, she shared how it was her favorite song. Pausing between songs, she further shared how she struggles to come up with something to throw out to the audience that could make it past the first few rows. Turns out the mailbox was full of pink FRISBEE’s that she tossed out to the crowd throughout the show! 

The uber talented musician played her new single — a collaboration with Macklemore entitled “Charlie” — that was written for her adored chocolate Labrador. She interacted with the crowd, waiving and flashing heart signs to one sweet young fan perched on her father’s shoulders. Not only is Watson a talented musician and singer, she is also quite sharp and witty. She proclaimed herself to be the musically talented version of Melissa McCarthy, sending the crowd into wild laughter. Next, she played this fan’s favorite song, “Lonely”. She said that it’s one of her favorites, too, that she just can’t leave it off of the set list.

As the band exited the stage, she took to the front porch of the madhouse.

Behind the rickety picket fence was her cherished keyboard that she’s played since her busking days back home in Byron Bay, Australia. As she stood behind it, she expressed how she never thought she would go from living in her van and playing music on the streets to performing shows around the world. She launched into the two songs she used to play on the streets, dedicating “Forever Young” to the people who came with their partner or child.

Tones and I

Her talented band came back to the stage and got the crowd amped up with “You’re So F*cking Cool” and “The Kids Are Coming”. Before playing “Johnny Run Away”, she shared that she had penned the song for her best friend who had faced coming out at a young age to his disapproving father. She told her fans, “No matter how you identify, you have a friend in me!”

She shared a brilliant cover of Rihanna‘s “Diamond” next. Then, The Wiltern went into a frenzy as she closed with her smash hits “Dance Monkey” and “Fly Away”, sending fans pouring into the streets of downtown Los Angeles energized and feeling free. 

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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