Top Shelf Music Weekly Roundup: November 20th, 2022

Welcome to the Top Shelf Weekly Music Roundup, where we showcase some of our favorite new music video releases! If you are interested in having your upcoming music considered for a feature, send an email in the form of a press release to Derek Jones.

For fans of EDM, Pop & R&B

Thai-Chilean, NYC native, multi-hyphenate artist, Araya, today shares one of his most exciting collaborations to date, “Electro Devil,” featuring NYC rapper Clip. It also serves to announce Araya’s forthcoming EP, Arena. The song is fresh and is sure to appeal to EDM and Pop fans alike! 

Of “Electro Devil,” Araya says, “‘Electro Devil’ is a commentary on this digital era we live in as well as the curiosities associated. There is a hopefulness in placing/creating our own meanings to these new facets of life. The feeling that we may all be the pioneers of our own journey can be intimidating but nonetheless exciting.This song was written after recording the entirety of my ‘heart break- hotel-esque’ EP titled ARENA; I think it was natural being lead to feelings of both hope and a desire for new meaning after existing in such circumstances of heartbreak for so long.”

For more on Arya check out the website.

For fans of Indie Rock & Hip Hop

K. Flay has debuted an infectiously catchy new song called “It’s Been So Long.” The track is an inclusive invite to escape the monotony of our daily lives and hit the dance floor. “Come and Dance,” she implores, serving as a guide and leading the way to an exciting, if uncertain future. More than anything, “It’s Been So Long” is about being in your own power, a true palette cleanser that feels like finally breaking free of the shackles of the past.

K.Flay says of the song: “There’s that moment after heartbreak or loss or pain when you emerge from the wreckage and finally feel good again – ready to go out dancing, ready to be yourself, ready to feel handsome – and it’s like you’ve been waiting all your life to get back to that place and it feels so so so good when you do get there. ‘It’s Been So Long’ is about that feeling.”

For more on K.Flay check out her Facebook.

For fans of Alternative Rock

Adult Leisure is quickly gaining momentum as a “band to see” in their native UK. This week they have announced the third single off their forthcoming debut EP The Weekend Ritual. Reflecting on the EP, the band state, “we’ve always wanted to produce an honest and homegrown debut selection of songs which both showcases our ability as musicians, but also keeps in line with our honest grass roots style. We wanted people to hear us with no filter or 3rd party influence. In an industry where so much is insincere, we wanted to give people us and us alone.” The album is set to be released on December 2nd. The single is now available to stream on all music platforms. 

For more on Adult Leisure check out the website.

For fans of Alt Rock & Stoner Metal

Another incredible UK band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have debuted their latest single “Mr.Medicine” ahead of their upcoming album Land of Sleeper, out Feb 17th. ‘Mr Medicine’ is a “song written to be a sonic arrow, purposefully succinct with no fat and no detours,” writes guitarist and producer Sam Grant. The result is something as immediate, incessant and directed as Pigs have ever gotten – the audio equivalent of sticking a fork in plug socket. Be sure to catch the band at this years SXSW 2023 festival as a featured showcase artist. 

For more on Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs check out the website.

For fans of experimental EDM

Freakin’ Disco is back with a song, produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Dub, and the accompanying music video directed by award-winning director Szabolcs Hajdu. “Face Yourself” is the first single from their upcoming third album, TOTEM, which is to be released next spring. “We submitted a demo of this song to the SongLab initiative of the Hungarian Music Export Office, in which four world famous producers selected two bands each for collaborating. Steve Dub chose our song. That’s how we started working with him. Before the joint studio session, he first made a couple of suggestions, which helped us to get a more live orchestration. Then, when we had a much more cohesive version, we sent it to him. We encouraged him to feel free and get creative with it. He worked on it for quite a long time, he had time to experiment. In the end, we polished it together until the music reached its final state”. – Gábor Keresztes explains how the band’s collaboration with Steve Dub started.

For more on Freakin’ Disco check out the website.

For fans of Reggae

Katchafire, the legendary roots reggae rockers, have announced their latest single “Always With You”. The song is a beautiful and poignant piece of music that encourages us to appreciate and cherish the people in our lives we love the most. 

Singer Logan Bell said “’Always With You’ is essentially a love song, but beyond that it’s a song that talks about commitment and companionship. It could be a song about you and your dog, it could be a song about you and a workout buddy that without fail you meet with three days a week – that special someone that you shared a part of your life with, that you share a relationship with. You might not have seen each other for a long time but when you do all the love comes rushing back in tenfold. I look at creatures of monogamy who are the perfect example of what this song is about… cherishing your loved ones.”

For more on Katchafire check out the website.

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