Top Shelf Music Weekly Roundup: November 6th, 2022

Welcome to the Top Shelf Weekly Music Roundup, where we showcase some of our favorite new music video releases! If you are interested in having your upcoming music considered for a feature, send an email in the form of a press release to Derek Jones.

For fans of Alt Rock, Metal, Grunge

Belgian rock sensations BLACK MIRRORS are gearing up for the release of their critically acclaimed second studio album, Tomorrow Will Be Without Us, out on Friday, November 4th, 2022 via Napalm Records. Their latest single “Snake Oil” serves as a warning to humanity and an important message about who to trust when it comes to the care of this planet. When describing the single the band had this to say: 

“‘Snake Oil’ is one of the last songs we wrote for ‘Tomorrow Will Be Without Us’. As soon as we started working on it, we could feel its great potential — it absolutely had to be on our second album! We can already tell you that it’s the first track of our new record. It perfectly gives you an idea of the tone of our new album — raw and wild!

“The song is about being manipulated by someone… then realizing how stupid you’ve been not to notice the game they played to fool you. The idea behind the video was to combine the main theme of ‘Tomorrow Will Be Without Us’ with the manipulation story of the song. So Marcella started to think of this girl being in a psychiatric hospital room, stuck, unable to see anything. Increasingly, she becomes the carrier of some important information that you get to see at the very end of the video.“

For more on Black Mirrors, check out their website.

For fans of Indie Rock, Chill R&B

LA native Chloe George has quickly been making waves in the music industry; her last single “ghost town (Voice Memo)” garnered over 75 million streams on Spotify and went completely viral on TikTok. Her upcoming EP Penny is due to be released on December 2nd. Of the track, Chloe George says:

“I wrote the first verse lyrics to ‘Penny’ randomly at a time where I was feeling completely lost. I was at a gas station and saw a penny on the ground, and noticed myself wanting to find a sign that I was doing OK in life through literally anything. When I came back to the idea a couple weeks later, it felt like this was my plea for getting back to myself — ‘help me clean my mind up’. It became the guiding light for my first EP and is so special to me — a reminder that beautiful new beginnings can come from anything at any time.”

For more on Chloe George, check out her Instagram page.

For fans of Alternative, Indie Rock

Jagwar Twin has shared this beautiful and haunting acoustic performance video of their song “Online”. The video comes directly on the heels of their latest album 33, which encourages listeners to see, accept, value, and trust who they truly are. 

“I’ve been thinking a lot about why we tell stories, why every civilization had myths and tales that were told and how those stories came to represent cultures,” explains Roy English, the brains behind Jagwar Twin, “how these stories have shifted in an evermore digitally-connected world and, yet, an ever-decreasingly human-connected world. We are the stories we tell ourselves and share with the world. These stories ultimately shape how we live and can add more meaning and purpose in being shared. I wanted to pass along some stories that are true to who I am and, in a lot of ways, who I think we all are. May we all find strength, spirit, and, most importantly, ourselves in each other. Reclaim your crown!”

For more on Jagwar Twin, check out their website.

For fans of Punk Rock

Canadian punk rockers White Lung have made two massive announcements recently — one good and one bad. The first of these announcements comes in the form of their 5th studio album entitled Premonition, which is due to be released on December 2nd. The second and more disheartening news is that this will be the last album from the band, as they will be retiring after its release. With that being said, the band leaves us with a poignant and powerful new song, touching upon some deep and profound topics. 

“Suicide was in the zeitgeist in many ways when I wrote this song,” frontwoman Mish Barber-Way tells. “At the time, a few prominent public figures had killed themselves and they all had children. I was thinking about postpartum depression and how real it can hit. The song is about the emotions of children when their parent is now gone and how they deal with that loss. It also looks at the struggle parents face when life gets so bad one doesn’t see another way but to end it.”

For more on White Lung, check out their website.

For fans of Hip Hop, R&B

Brooklyn-based music collective Phony Ppl have released their latest single “dialtone.” from their forthcoming third studio album entitled Euphonyus. The single — the second to be released from the album — has already garnered much attention after it was showcased in the HBO series Insecure

Phony Ppl states, “Lyrically written in split screen, ‘dialtone.’ is actually two different songs at once! One sonG (the cause) is about a guy realizinG space is only expandinG between him and his lover. The other sonG (the effect) is about a relationship that only exists in the mind of said Guy. Either way, there’s somethinG wronG! — did thrifted. Either way, sinG to the cause, whistle to the effect, and dance to both at once.”

Phony Ppl’s new album Euphonyus is set to release this Fall and will jumpstart a new chapter in the band’s story. 

For more on Phony Ppl, check out their website.

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