Treehouse! releases “Grave Situation”, feat. Mellodose

Treehouse! releases “Grave Situation”, feat. Mellodose

What’s a good phrase to describe the current state of the world? TreeHouse! and Mellodose would say “Grave Situation” — the namesake of their new collaborative single. An anti-war anthem with a timely message, delivered in familiar dub stylee, “Grave Situation” highlights the existential plight of humanity and the ever-churning war machine that rules the world.

“Grave Situation” is funny not in a ‘haha’ kind of way, but in a I’m-dancing-to-a-song-about-the-end-of-the-world kind of way. Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and TreeHouse! founder Jeremy Anderson croons “they’ll bury the world, just to win the war” and stops you dead in your ever-groovin’ tracks. Oof. Don’t worry, the beat — co-produced by Tennessee-based Mellodose — is good enough to help forget the threat of your very existence.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; there’s some light at the end of the tunnel thrown in, as well.

Raised in a working class family, with a farmer mother and a Vietnam vet father, Anderson (aka, Positive J) understands the trials and tribulations it takes to create a sustainable, healthy life amidst chaos. “‘Grave Situation’ was born in a mixed state of reminiscing on the sacrifices of [J’s] elders, while analyzing the ongoing industrial war complex of the USA. With reggae music as a vessel, TreeHouse! and Mellodose combine creative forces to bring forth a dark, dubby, roots tune sure to move hearts and minds,” states the single’s official press release. 

A shift from the typically upbeat lyrics Treehouse! is known for in tracks like the spunky “Blessings” and even the psychedelic-tinged “The Wildman”, “Grave Situation” opens up a new can of sonic worms for the solo artists. According to a comment from producer Mellodose:

“[Jeremy] had the main hook of the tune written on acoustic before coming in, we finished up the writing and then produced it all together. Jeremy led the charge. He’s a guru and I’m honored to have worked with him on his vision.” A vision that seems to have paid off. Listen to “Grave Situation” on all digital streaming platforms and follow TreeHouse! and Mellodose via the links below.

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Treehouse! – “Grave Situation”, feat. Mellodose

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