Tribal Seeds tears up Night Two at the Escondido Center for the Arts

Tribal Seeds tears up Night Two at the Escondido Center for the Arts

Tribal Seeds brought a sense of much needed normality to the Center for the Arts in Escondido, California, with The Expanders and SM Familia in direct support for two whole nights! With a handful of shows across the country thus far in 2021, Tribal Seeds brought their highly-anticipated act to a California audience who danced through the entire set. 

The razor-sharp songwriting and outstanding stage presence wasn’t the only thing Tribal Seeds brought to Escondido.

Tribal Seeds’ showmanship and refined vocals served as an appetizer for the incredible musicianship that the band dished out to the hungry crowd. The band’s spiritually-driven, refreshing reggae rock vibe was on display all night. The entire group, as a whole, played with the fire of musicians who had been deprived of their audience for far too long and sent out a bolt of energy that could be felt even while socially-distanced.

Lead singer Steven Jacobo’s voice is an instrument in its own and hearing him perform live this way proved that he required zero studio trickery to light up the stage. Each member showcased such an exceptional performance. I found myself in awe… struck not just by Steven’s vocals, but by T-Ray’s and Gonzo’s singing abilities, as well. Shams on the bass, Zeb on drums, along with the rest of the crew graced the audience throughout the evening with an amazing gamut of musical styles.

It’s of no surprise that the loudest cheers and crowd singing came from their oldest songs, such as “Dark Angel” and “Vampire”, but that shouldn’t take away from the rest of the set; much of the crowd was just as familiar with their newer music, singing and cheering loudly when the San Diego-based crew played singles off their latest album. 

All in all, the outdoor show was an unbelievable success, lending an essential taste of live music that went missing for over a year and a half. Tribal Seeds gave an emotional and impressive performance onstage, which spoke for itself, and seeing the band interact with each other and their audience shows just how special their bond is. It’s safe to say we’re all thankful that live shows are finally coming back and can’t wait for even more music to come! To see if Tribal Seeds is coming to a town near you, see tour dates and social links below.

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