Two nights of Volbeat at San Diego’s Observatory North Park

Two nights of Volbeat at San Diego’s Observatory North Park

Volbeat played not one, but two nights in San Diego on October 2nd and 3rd! After Volbeat sold out their first show, they decided to add another night (since San Diego clearly loves Volbeat!!). They had support from Twin Temple and Municipal Waste. Due to some house restrictions and confusion, I was not allowed to take photos, yet I still had an amazing time just being part of the crowd!

Twin Temple started off their show with a “ritual”: they have this really unique sound by blending old time rock ’n roll — think a 50s-60s inspired sound — and hard rock, describing themselves “santantic Do-wop”. I loved their aesthetic and the sound of their music although bordering a little too satanic for my taste. To close out the “ritual”, the two singers made out, which definitely caught us all off guard!

I had never heard of Municipal Waste before this show, but now am a huge fan!

Their energy is so amazing and their songs are definitely mosh-worthy, making you want to party and have stupid fun! Like, they literally have a song about a shark! They closed out their set by playing “born to party” and got the whole crowd to chant the phrase, “Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!!!”… which they definitely did!

It’s been a dream of mine to see Volbeat for some time now. I started listening to them in middle school, so it was definitely a nostalgic moment for me. Before coming out onstage, they played “Born to Raise Hell” by Motörhead, definitely unifying and getting the crowd pumped! The band came out and played their hit “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”, which is my all-time favorite Volbeat song! Even though the place was packed, people still made room to ‘boogie’ and I was a lot of couples actually swing dancing! It was such a beautiful sight seeing all these happy faces and people just grateful to be at a show again. 

They gave us a little preview of their upcoming album, Servant of The Mind, by playing two of their current singles, “Wait a Minute My Girl” and “Shotgun Blues”. They also played their cover of Metallica’s “Don’t Tread on Me!”; I’ve always wanted to hear a Metallica song live, so that was sick! The cover was part of Metallica’s Blacklist, which was an album composed of 53 various artists paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Black Album. Volbeat was lucky enough to be one of the artists and I love how they added their own ‘Volbeat spin’ to this legendary song!

The band closed out their set with a bang by playing “Still Counting” and spent a good thee to four minutes after their set just throwing things out to the crowd… everything from guitar picks, to sweatbands, to even drumheads! Then, they respectfully said goodnight to the crowd with a classy all band bow. Their new album, Servant Of The Mind, is coming out on December 3rd, so make sure to check it out and pre-save it now! If you happened to miss their ‘Wait A Minute… Let’s Tour!’ Tour, don’t worry! Volbeat will be back on tour early next year, co-headlining with Ghost!

Cover photo by Ross Halfin

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