UK rock band, Empyre, drops new album, ‘Relentless’

UK rock band, Empyre, drops new album, ‘Relentless’

If you’re unfamiliar with UK band, Empyre, you will soon find yourself craving the rocker’s very distinct sounds which meld elements of intense atmospheric music and anthemic stadium rock with incredibly talented, soaring vocals reminiscent of legends like Chris Cornell. The band released their debut record Self-Aware to mass critical acclaim in 2019 and were signed to Kscope in late 2022. Empyre, who recently signed to Kscope, will released their new album Relentless on March 31st.

​Guitar World stated, “Empyre have become masters at taking the formula for British atmospheric rock and infusing it with their arena-ready signature sound”. Empyre has created an innovative piece of music that echo the great ones in music from Pearl Jam. Since they have joined the Kscope family the band has developed into an astounding force in the industry.

‘‘Joining the Kscope family of artists feels like a validation of us as songwriters. We have a sense of reassurance, and we’re proud to be a part of it‘’, states Empyre front man Henrik Steenholdt.

“Relentless, at least in title, reflects Empyre and our level of dedication and ambition. Whilst the album as a whole is not pure hard rock, we felt the best way to introduce it would be with a striking and formidable title track, letting Relentless set the tone in terms of intensity”, the band added.

“We write arena rock and playing arena stages is something we aim for. I won’t be happy until I’m standing on that arena stage”, expressed by front man and guitarist Henrik Steenholdt.

The rock collaborative has held steady on the charts and progressively saturating UK, and Europe so its time we expect them to bring on the heat in the states!

Check them out below they will blow your mind!

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