Vera Bloom lets us in on her captivating EP, ‘It’s Me’

Vera Bloom lets us in on her captivating  EP, ‘It’s Me’

Vera Bloom has an origin story not unlike so many other supremely talented musicians floating around the unforgiving universe known as the music industry. She started immersing herself in music at a young age, first on the piano, hashing out songs and with the encouragement of her father began adding lyrics to her creations. At 18-years-old she moved to guitar, and that’s when things really began to flow for her. In some ways the guitar allowed her to find her groove musically and I can personally attest to her mastery of the instrument. Vera’s path has molded her as a burgeoning artist unapologetically blending alternative, grunge, and punk influences. Recently she unveiled her eagerly awaited sophomore EP, It’s Me. This captivating 6-song independent collection encompasses her recent hit single “Eyes On You” and the incendiary title track, “It’s Me,” for which Vera has just unveiled an official lyric video. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Vera about her new album, and what she has in store for next year.

Hey Vera, Could you tell us a little bit about the new EP and the process behind its creation? 

  • Vera: Absolutely, so this EP is a compilation of the last 2 and a half years for me. I have released 5 out of 6 of the songs already as singles. Most recently “Eyes on you” and one more the title track that hasn’t seen the world yet. All of these songs represent various subgenres of rock. It’s something that I really enjoy doing, even if it’s not all that marketable. It really signifies an important chapter of my life and these songs got me through a lot. The title track “It’s me” encompasses all of me as a song. I am all of these different things and I want to resist putting myself into a box or various types of categories. Even though it was a spread out release of individual songs, it all comes together for me with this complete release. I am just happy they have found a home. 

When you say you decided to release singles over a long period of time, what made you want to compile these into one EP and not just keep going into a full length album?

  • I had thought about just releasing two more singles and making it longer but it’s just not satisfying to me. I know the industry wants what it wants but artists have to hold onto purpose. The “why” of it all. One of my bucket list dreams was to get my music on vinyl and that’s why I did what I did. Some people will say “Why did you put an EP on a 12 inch?” and the answer is basically because I wanted to! In many ways I felt that this chapter of my life was coming to an organic end, so I just rode that out and this was the result. 

You recently released a full length music video for “Eyes on you” which has a very old school feel to it. I would put it into late 80’s and early 90’s type female fronted rock music. Do you draw inspiration from that era or is it just something you wrote that happens to sound like it’s from that time period? 

  • It’s a little of both. Since I started writing more rock music as an adult, I just can’t escape having it sound like the 90’s. I didn’t aim for it but because I am a product of that generation it’s just what is inside of me. I also love 70’s and 80’s rock music  and I especially love early 70’s punk music like Iggy and the stooges. So I have to say yes to both. 

What are some of the challenges of being an independent artist in such a crazy modern music world? 

  • Ummmm money! Haha! That would be number 1 but that’s obvious. I would also say not getting caught up comparing yourself to other people. I would say that’s a big one because it’s so easy to get into a spiral of depression going on social media seeing what everyone else is doing. I think just doing what you want is the only way to keep going, in my opinion. You are going to get burnt out and exhausted if you are always trying to do what everyone else is doing. You gotta do all of it for you. I know in Nashville a lot of people assume that there is always someone in the audience that has the potential to take your career to the next level but I think days like that are over. So instead of hoping there is someone out there to help, you just need to focus on you and the things you enjoy musically. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. 

Do you hope to someday be on a label or would you prefer to remain indie? 

  • I do hope to someday be on a label but it would have to be something that felt like a family. I think SUBPOP would be really rad. I don’t know a ton about labels but I would want to be asked to be on a label because of what I am already doing, not what the label thinks I should be doing. I would want it to always be my musical vision. That would be ideal for me. I can’t sustain financially what I am doing now forever. 

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

  • I am going on a small regional tour coming up. I have been so focused on this release that I kind of dropped the ball on booking. So I am focusing more on touring next year. Right now I am just working on writing and getting ready for the next phase of my music. 

Has there been a particular moment of your career that stands out as being a highlight for you so far? 

  • There isn’t anything in particular that stands out for me currently, some of the bigger stuff just becomes a blur because you were so overwhelmed by it. I think I would say supporting L7 would be the biggest moment for me so far. Those two shows opening for them were pretty great. Especially when I played in Atlanta and people loved it. Playing in Nashville, many of the people who came out were my friends and they support me as friends but Atlanta it was for a lot of strangers and it felt good to see them react to my music without having known me first. 

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