We were up ‘Til Dawn’ with The Weeknd

We were up ‘Til Dawn’ with The Weeknd

On Saturday, November 26th, fans of The Weeknd gave thanks for the artist, his music, and his current nationwide run of the After Hours Til Dawn tour named after his most recently debuted studio album.

The Weeknd | Sofi Stadium | November 26, 2022 | Photo by: Will Navarro

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name, The Weeknd cast a magic spell over attendees at Sofi Stadium. As, The Weeknd, went through his setlist including but not limited to  “Save Your Tears,” “Heartless,” “Alone Again” and “Faith”

ticket holders were transcended into an out-of-body experience. It was astounding to witness a community of music lovers collectively feel their souls leave their bodies. 

Later in the night, Tesfaye took a moment of reflection. The music was paused, his eyes scanned the packed stadium, the cityscape stage decor with an enormous 3D moon hanging overhead shone brightly. The crowd chanted his name – the magic continued throughout the night.

The Weeknd | Sofi Stadium | November 26, 2022 | Photo by: Will Navarro

Before starting the music back up, Tesfaye spoke to the audience. With words of gratitude, the crowd was thanked for spending their evening with The Weeknd. He shared that he lost his voice due to his heavy touring schedule but that was lost on the fans. The roar of support from the audience proved that the entire performance was awe-inspiring. 

The good vibes resonated throughout the whole night. When the music started back up, I, along with the other attendees couldn’t stop moving. I sang, I danced, and I cried tears of joy – this was the most fun I’ve had at a concert in a long time! I cannot wait to do it again.

I will eagerly and happily attend another performance put on by The Weeknd. He has a second show tonight which I hope you have the opportunity to attend. If not, have no fear! The second leg of the tour is being announced tomorrow, November 28th. Keep an eye out for a show in your area.

Oh! and one more thing – if you do end up going get yourself a t-shirt!

Photography by: Will Navarro

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