WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dyado “End of Your Song”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dyado “End of Your Song”

Alternative Americana duo Dyado is making major waves this month, releasing two lead singles off their EP out early next year. Following a full-length album entitled Dreamcountry, cousins Matt Lohan and Luisa Stancoiff have joined forces to bring forth melodic indie-folk music, infused with their “signature hazy California spirit” and a sound quickly gaining them a much-deserved following.

The EP’s first single, “Call Me, Help”, debuted on digital outlets on November 8th and, less than a week later, Dyado is now doubling down with the world premiere of “End of Your Song”! Available everywhere tomorrow, “End of Your Song” is a mellow, yet melancholic account of relationship stagnancy, produced by Malachi Delorenzo (Langhome Slim) and tracked directly to tape. You never see that these days…

This considerate, yet stifled tale of love unrequited cannot be overlooked.

But, that’s not the only unique trait about this track! Dyado has crafted a heartbreaking, beautiful journey of the heart with “End of Your Song”. Louisa enters the track, softly coaxing “Take me whole // Take me partial // Take me wanting more from you”, alluding to a myriad conflicting feelings. Light guitar strums accompany partially muted vocals, instilling an aura of emptiness to emphasize the lyrical content both audibly and emotionally. The hauntingly somber song continues with impressive vocal range on behalf of Stancoiff, softly admitting “I still haven’t found the end of your song” despite her best efforts to walk away. Something missing makes her hold out for better days. “Are you waiting for the sunrise in the middle of the night?” She asks. Am I what you’re looking for? Or, are you waiting on an anomaly I can never embody? Is this relationship realistic… or even real anymore? Lohan harmonizes a lower octave on the chorus, intensifying this notion of “drifting apart” and a soft, barely noticeable guitar solo on the bridge is a perfect metaphor for not being able to take the lead in the matter, even when given the chance. Simply chilling.

This considerate, yet stifled tale of love unrequited cannot be overlooked. Listen to the new single in its entirety with our exclusive stream below and make sure to follow this wildly talented band via the links below to be the first to know when their EP arrives in 2020. You can also catch them live, with east coast shows through the end of this month!

Exclusive premiere of Dyado’s “End of Your Song” single:

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