WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jei-Rynn “sleeping (all day)”

Wouldn’t it be delightful to just sleep all day, to just fade away? In a world of never-ending updates and divisive opinions, taking solace in one’s bed is the best we can do to shelter from the hungry storm of humanity. And, that storm has only gotten less satiated with the rise of social media. One southern California alternative artist takes a stand from the haters, well really, a siesta from the haters in this world single premiere! Available today only on Top shelf Music before its public release, “sleeping (all day)” — the latest by pop rock up-and-comer Jei-Rynn — is a modern-day emo anthem, screaming to the world to cut him some slack.

Resounding 808s and pop melodies bring balance to this despondent allegory. A yin and yang.

“The past wouldn’t go away”, so what else is there to do but sleep? Jei-Rynn’s choice lyrics weave a lucid dream for the listener, detailing how it feels to be facing a monotonous and futile future; from the day you “graduate”, you’re saddled with a landslide of ongoing “bills to pay”. What fun.

Jei-Rynn approaches his musical craft like an acclaimed writer with his memoirs — deeply personal, yet compelling for all. With the EP overreacting out October 21st, largely produced by ZK Productions (Mayday Parade, All Time Low), the production team of Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, and one track produced by Alex Arias (cough, cough this one!!), this is surely just the start of what Jei-Rynn can accomplish. Be the first to stream the track above and make sure to pre-order or pre-save it for when it hits all digital outlets!

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