WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Joker’s Hand “Goth Girlfriend”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Joker’s Hand “Goth Girlfriend”

Retro rockers Kevin Kawano and Matthew Lau of Joker’s Hand return in their devilish new single “Goth Girlfriend”, premiering today only on Top Shelf Music ahead of its October 4th public release! The duo — having previous accolades from Los Angeles-based radio stations, such as KROQ, for their “Anthem”, “Gold Rush” and “Hijacked” tracks — is only gaining steam forward with this new fiendish addition.

Fast-paced and in your face, “Goth Girlfriend” is your parents’ worst nightmare.

There’s nothing better than sticking it to your parents during teenage rebellion, especially those raised in a super repressed and/or style. Enter the goth girl into the mix: seductive, satanic and sinful, yet oh so delectable. Joker’s Hand sings she’s “like the devil smiling… she’s what I’m craving”; there’s nothing like the devil to tempt you out of your shell. With strong wailing guitar licks and uptempo drums throughout (save the few starting lyrics of the chorus), “Goth Girlfriend” will blast you back to the good ol’ days, when nothing mattered more than your “siren” girl.

Kawano comments on the track’s inception: “I grew up in a conservative household, where I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos and talk of sex was forbidden. But, deep down inside, I always knew my heart craved darkness, so I got me a goth girlfriend.”

As the song goes, this “daddy’s nightmare ain’t no phase”, so let’s relish in the goth girls of the world in this special sneak peek of the single available on all digital outlets tomorrow. Be sure to also pre-save and pre-order the song via the links below, so you don’t miss out!

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