WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: One Culture “Take Control”

East coast self-proclaimed “progressive roots” reggae band on the rise, One Culture, celebrates new music as of today! The latest single, “Take Control” featuring Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind, follows in the band's known activist agenda with a clear call to action: let's take back the planet after centuries of destruction and “build a better world with the pieces left”. With a peaceful, traditional reggae beat and cooing backup vocals, singer Kurt Jansohn chants, “Evil is the disease and all greed is a contagion // Love is the antidote and unity is the foundation.” With these words in mind, “Take Control” unfolds as an uplifting deliverance in a world of confusion. 

“Take Control” unfolds as an uplifting deliverance in a world of confusion. 

This ecocentric song coaxes listeners to look into sustainable energy while loving one another a little more than we're accustomed to. Don't feel we're too far gone; our way of life needs work, but at least we have each other to lean on as we implement change. A smooth saxophone on the bridge emphasizes that we shouldn't be stressed or anxious about taking action either… we can accomplish anything if we do it wholeheartedly and systemically. Enjoy the exclusive stream of the new single below and look for “Take Action” to hit all digital outlets this Monday, February 25th!

Exclusive world premiere of One Culture's “Take Control” single:

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