WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Robert Ranson “Lonely Eyes”

Good things come to those who wait. In the case of Robert Ranson fans, the wait two decades in the making is finally coming to a close! Robert Ranson, a lover of music from an early age, has rocked the past 40 years performing in multiple bands and cover bands, yet has always transpired to produce his own solo album. Nearly 20 years ago, Ranson recorded an entire album that he deemed 'unready' to release onto the public. His unreadiness persisted until recently when he made the decision to re-record his entire debut album Still Dreaming, adding one new track to it along the way entitled “For You”. 

… Ranson coaxes salvation and the sense of finding oneself to listeners.

“My inspiration is found in the relationships, events, emotions and dreams that have been a part of my life,” Ranson recalls. “That said, I have written a number of songs for the sole purpose of creating a fictional story. However, even these stories are drawn from my personal experiences although they’re written from the storyteller’s perspective.” 

Sounds intriguing. With the album set to hit digital outlets July 20th, Ranson proffers a taste of his solo musical prowess in this world track premiere of the lead single “Lonely Eyes”! A song about using the tropical oasis of Jamaica to escape a failed relationship, Ranson coaxes salvation and the sense of finding oneself to listeners. With Afro-Cuban percussion, a jazzy bubble organ and a smooth Spanish guitar, Ranson croons “reggae beat and a Jamaican heat is what she came here for”. Time to turn up the fire, Caribbean style. Click below to be the first to hear it before the single hits digital outlets April 26th!

Exclusive world premiere of Robert Ranson's “Lonely Eyes” single:

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