ZOLA’s pop “Nosebleed” single is simply addictive

ZOLA’s pop “Nosebleed” single is simply addictive

24-year-old singer-songwriter ZOLA returns from a year-long recording moratorium with the expressive and honest single, “Nosebleed”. The new song, out via Young Poet (UK) and first premiering with Early Rising, captures the confusion of self-identity (and, to be honest, 2020) perfectly, with an overall emphasis on mental health when riding out a storm.

Getting caught up in a whirlwind, whether social or political, can easily spiral you out of control.

A resident of San Francisco, ZOLA knows firsthand the fast-paced life in a big city. Thus, the pandemic probably forced some much-needed introspective time she wouldn’t have had if the world didn’t suddenly stand still. Putting these emotions into action, ZOLA resurfaces with “Nosebleed”: an upbeat pop song, with humorous, yet dark social-commentary amidst a calling and cathartic crisis of identity. For lovers of Lily Allen or Billie Eilish, this song will resonate like no other. Lyrics like “California is on fire // But, everyone’s too busy // Getting nosebleeds in the shower” calls out ZOLA’s isolation, making her question why she cares when it seems no one else does.

ZOLA comments on the single: “To put it simply, ‘Nosebleed’ was written when I needed the hug and support I didn’t feel like I was getting. I was traveling to Los Angeles every month for week-long stays from San Francisco and working with my first label and, with all these added members to my musical journey, I had never felt so alone. In parallel, California was experiencing its most devastating natural fires to date and I felt like my home was now literally burning to the ground. So, on one of my write-cations in LA, I wrote ‘Nosebleed’ with my two friends Wes and Taylor. Walking into the session they said, ‘write something that sounds like a millennial pop Joni Mitchell’. I don’t know if I quite achieved that, but I do feel like I gave myself the support I needed and I was reminded that I always have myself to fall back on no matter the circumstances. We can be the ‘ceilings to our skin’ and the ‘ones to hold our own’ when nobody else will. I hope that message comes across.”

“Nosebleed” is now out on all digital outlets. With ZOLA back in action, this rising indie superstar has nothing holding her back from achieving success — not even herself. For more information, visit the links below.

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ZOLA – “Nosebleed” promo video

Cover photo & single artwork by Andy Omvik

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