Kash’d Out’s new album melts like summertime ‘Butter’

Kash’d Out’s new album melts like summertime ‘Butter’
Photo cred: Justin Bradley Visuals

Bland biscuits, dry flapjacks, and plain playlists are getting some help this summer from the boys in Kash’d Out. With the much-anticipated drop of their latest full-length album Butter (via LAW Records) they’re ready to pour on the flavor!

Weed tunes? Check. Love Songs? Check.

Lyrically strong and mentally uplifting jams that can turn the shittiest of outlooks around? CHECK. This 10-song collection took a few years to cook, but I think that’s the secret to its tastiness. A handful of the songs on this LP have already been in circulation ahead of its release, but for me, it’s the ones you haven’t heard yet that melt the best. 

Kash’d Out is known for those full-bodied, positivity-affirming tracks, and dynamic instrumental representation throughout their discography, and it flows right into this velvety creation. 

If you’re the type that loves to puff herbs to weed anthems, look no further. “Whiskey and Weed” and “Way Too High For This” have that 420 head change built right in, transcending you to a highly decent state of mind (with or without the kind trees).

Pack a bowl and crank em up!

For those feeling like setting the mood and serenading their partners with some silky smooth love songs, you know these boys got you covered! Skip around this high-calorie album and seek out “Make a Little Love” and “Extrasensory”. Light a candle, spread a few rose petals around, and let the music play — I promise you results. These guys speak the language of love with guitars and keys all day long (there’s always “Just Friends” with Shwayze, if you’re in casual hook-up mode, and “Dirty Mind” for those dirty minds, featuring Pepper)!

Bad things are happening everywhere, everyday, and you can slump into a rut if you surround yourself with that doom-and-gloom. Somewhere in all this Butter you’ll find that pick-me-up tune with the power to change perception of your current situation. Be careful listening to “Back Deck”; it’ll make you call into work and go get a fishing pole. I’m serious. It’s not just the lyrics…

The music is infectious and makes your head bob involuntarily! 

A few songs up in the playlist and you’ll run into “I Got This”… I don’t have a favorite song off Butter yet, but it’s definitely this one (ha!). It’s been my daily audio coffee for the past couple weeks now: a double-shot of self-esteem espresso to power through the toughest of mud and keep on keepin’ on.

Give Butter a stream, however you listen to music or via Spotify below. It’s literally un-regrettable. Also, go to their website and buy some merch, so they have the gas money to continue their nationwide Butter the World Tour and make it to a city near you to play these songs live!

Listen to ‘Butter’ album today:

Track listing:

  1. Highway Robbery, feat. Katastro
  2. Make a Little Love
  3. Just Friends, feat. Shwayze
  4. Way Too High for This
  5. Back Deck
  6. Extrasensory
  7. Dirty Mind, feat. Pepper
  8. Whiskey and Weed
  9. I Got This
  10. I Think You Like It

Cover photo by Justin Bradley Visuals

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