Alt metal band, Groundstate, releases new single “Floating Away”

Alt metal band, Groundstate, releases new single “Floating Away”

Come to Ohio, and see alternative metal band, Groundstate, throw you for a loop with the newest single “Floating Away”. It is not just a song; it is a message. With passion and drive, including working with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Centershift, Fiona Apple), they have been non-stop evolving and will continue to do so on their music journey. Constantly pushing the envelope, these gents are just breaking the seal with their momentum and creativity. Along with their other tracks on the third studio album, The Things We Leave Unsaid, is definitely something for them to be proud of and moving forward in such a great direction. 

This band of brothers Connor and Aidan Smith is bringing the latest single to all music lovers out there needing a place to go to. A nice escape from heartache or perhaps the nostalgia of something loved and lost.

Starting out the super riffs and melodic sound will set you back in your chair.

They come with conviction telling a story of perhaps someone or something slowly disappearing away from grasp. They sing this together and form a union in their voices blend with the drums, guitar and bass go through this breakdown not giving up on this person or thing in which they hold utter and complete value. 

“Floating Away” is a song with a mix of alternative melodic and rhythmic patterns swirling with strong vocals. The more you listen to this song you really hear every word as the chorus brings a hypnotic sound perhaps reminding you that nothing lasts forever. Memories of what was, had begun to float away into that abyss of no return. It’s clear that this song was written about something endearing and loved. They wrote this with conviction and expressed that true feeling of pain and happiness all at the same time. Maybe accepting what is inevitable is the only choice they had, so writing this song maybe gave closure. Those riffs and lyrics don’t let us forget why and what this song stands for. Imprinted in our minds is the message in which we all have experienced in this life. The pain of suffering and loss , also brings inspiration through music in which Groundstate as given through “Floating Away.”

Listen… hear the song standing alone expressing last words perhaps saying goodbye at the end. The edgy guitar solo scratches the surface of the pain of letting go. 

This track has depth and meaning which will entice and perhaps inspire. All of the work and creativity painted this badass song in which you won’t get tired of listening to this. Press replay because every time there comes another surprise of sound in which you missed before. Their spirited and bold lyrics bring a great song that not only shows development and writing at its finest, the music itself is stimulating for all demographics! I wouldn’t underestimate the potential this band holds. Go check them out!

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