Anthony B ‘King in My Castle’ album review

Anthony B ‘King in My Castle’ album review

It’s been a full four years since Jamaican songsmith Anthony B released his last self-titled album. Typically, the longer an artist waits to put out their latest offering, the more eagerness fans feel until they finally receive it. His latest studio offering, King in My Castle, lands with tremendous expectations and, fortunately, it exceeds every single one of them! The album is significantly exquisite and intense, infusing plenty of adventurous melodies and quirky instrumentation into his refreshingly unique songwriting. This will be one of the albums that will define the 2020 decade.

One of the more surprising tracks is, without question, “Memories Of The Past”. This unconventional Anthony B track screams through the speakers, with heavy R&B and funk melodies. The track explodes with smooth instrumentals and vocals with sharp start-stop rhythms and eventually tones down into a serene chorus, giving the audience’s ear a small break from the sonic assault. The verse chorus goes back and forth for a while, leading down to a long interlude.

“The whole album is about empowerment. I am a king, you’re a king and you’re a queen.”

Anthony B is not afraid to tackle covers, as well. Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” is not only a great song, it is a surprisingly good choice to cover and guest female songstress Chantal handles the song beautifully in the track “Be With You Everywhere”. Later on in the album, “Great China Wall” (featuring Kerri) gives a nod to The Beatles’ classic hit “Let it Be”. And, finally, the closing track “I Wanna Know What Love Is” takes Foreigner’s 1984 power ballad to new heights.

Anthony B states, “The whole album is about empowerment. I am a king, you’re a king and you’re a queen. You can wake up and listen to this album and see that there is hope.”

Overall, King in My Castle is an album to explore and appreciate. Each track surprises you and each time you listen to it, something new seems to grab your attention. The 19-track collection adds up to one incredible journey. The flow is unpredictable and musically all over the map: roots reggae, R&B, funk, rock, pop and, yet, in the end, it all comes together to form a polished listening experience.

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Track listing:

  1. Watch Over I Intro
  2. Singing in the Jungle
  3. King in My Castle
  4. Dubbing Tonight
  5. Be With You Everywhere (feat. Chantal)
  6. First Time I Fall
  7. Talk Talk Talk (feat. Zamunda)
  8. Lonely Solider
  9. Naah Buy No Friend
  10. What’s a Woman’s Worth (feat. Pressure)
  11. Never Know
  12. Reggae Soul Sister
  13. Liberator
  14. The Trying Man
  15. Yo – Yo (feat. Japanese)
  16. Memories Of The Past
  17. Great China Wall (feat. Kerri)
  18. This Earth Is Our Home
  19. I Wanna Know What Love Is

Anthony B “Dubbing Tonight” video:

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