Arise Roots ‘Love and War’ album review

Arise Roots is a five piece band from Los Angeles, California. It’s been a while since we heard true reggae vibes produced in modern reggae music from California. Sure, many bands specialize in their craft, but the vibes Arise Roots brings in their music is mesmerizing, and we can’t help but think how it is truly inspired by early roots reggae from Jamaica.

From the first song of this new album, “Love and War,” to their last song, the vibes are heard and felt throughout their music. Karim Israel has a mesmerizing voice, yes, but somehow the band makes roots reggae their own. When we hear modern reggae music from Jamaica, we know it is legit in both inspiration and coordination- there is no comparison to reggae music from Jamaica. If anything, we have to compare modern reggae music to that of Jamaica. However, some bands have that mesmerizing effect and impact their audience more than they probably realize. That is Arise Roots!

Arise Roots

the vibes Arise Roots brings in their music is mesmerizing

The band’s music can best be judged by songs “What A Shame,” “Cool Me Down” (ft. Hirie), “Dangerous” (ft. Matthew Liufau of Seedless), and “Fear Factory.” Many songs pertain to Lovers Rock style with percussion and keys heavily influenced by roots reggae. Listeners who prefer a faster tempo will have “Dangerous,” “Love You Right” and “A Little More” on repeat. Some may find songs a little too cohesive, but the band stays true to their style and no one can blame them for doing so. We may have liked to hear a few more solos like the guitar one in “Your Ocean,” but we can’t complain with a dynamite compilation like this one.

Thank you, Arise Roots! Check out their new album on digital platforms, or purchase one at their upcoming shows. For more information, check out their website.

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Track listing

  1. What a Shame (feat. Roots Underground)  
  2. ool Me Down (Radio Edit) [feat. Hirie]     
  3. Give It Up  
  4. Back to You     
  5. Dangerous (feat. Matt Liufau)   
  6. Fear Factory    
  7. Love You Right  
  8. Better Man  
  9. Let Me Fly  
  10. Lost in Your Ocean (feat. Dan Kelly)    
  11. Warrior     
  12. A Little More (feat. E. N. Young)   
  13. Bring It All    
  14. Cool Me Down (Extended Version)     
  15. Cool Me Down (Dub Version) 

Arise Roots “Cool Me Down” featuring Hirie

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