Ben Barbic debuts “On My Mind” single

Reggae solo artist Ben Barbic is back with his latest hip hoppy love ballad “On My Mind” off Rebel Sound Records. This is the first single for Barbic fans to enjoy since his full-length album The Takeoff took to the airwaves last November (following an EP release in June). Ben Barbic is certainly pumping out the jams these days! Bursting onto the solo scene in 2013 after playing percussion and being a vocalist for a handful of other bands, Barbic hit it big with his premiere single “Rat Race” – even having the track featured in a television series! Fast forward six years and this standout artist out of San Jose, California has three album releases under his belt: two within the past year and all showcasing his eclectic musical capabilities.

…only Barbic can deliver such profound messages of love in such gangster fashion.

The track “On My Mind” highlights Barbic’s hip hop side (versus his signature reggae sound), with an auto-tuned hook and quick lyrical delivery. Apparently, Barbic is currently flying high on “Cloud 9” for a woman, feeling stronger than he ever has before. With “diamonds on her finger”, it seems Barbic isn’t messing around either when he says, “she’s always on my mind”. Although the timbre is a dark one, the track itself is sweet, standing as a pledge of commitment to the woman Barbic wants to spend the rest of his life with. Pop open a bottle of wine; let’s celebrate the fact that we found each other in this crazy world! Rapping fast in between choruses, only Barbic can deliver such profound messages of love in such gangster fashion.

The single joins the rest of Barbic’s music on all digital outlets, with many more singles rumored to follow in 2018. It is unclear at this time if this track precludes another album release and/or subsequent tour. Barbic fans will just have to hold tight for the next release. For more information, visit

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