Cali Conscious adds “Avocado” to singles list

Huntington-based self-described ‘barefoot beach band’ Cali Conscious is slowly revealing their sophomore album in entirety – one single at a time. Following their premiere full-length in 2012, High Times, this leave-no-imprint-behind, positive vibes band likes to blend three-piece harmonies with take action lyrics to render California reggae to surf, smoke and save the planet to. And, we’re not kidding! Cali Conscious has done their part in making the world a better place since their 2010 founding. From 2012-2014, the band organized monthly beach cleanups in their hometown of Huntington, as well as donated a portion of their recent “One Love For You” single to help combat youth homelessness in Orange County via Fully Fullwoods’ Reggae for a Reason nonprofit. If lending a helping hand to California wasn’t enough, Cali Conscious has focused beyond local environment restoration by funding a clean water well in Ethiopia from live performance donations in 2013, among other globally green initiatives. Clean water, clean beaches, clean streets, dirty saxophone solos.

Give back to the earth, to the “people who lift you up”, to yourself!

In between their humanitarian and ecosystem efforts, Cali Conscious finds time to create some encouraging reggae rhythms, the latest of which is entitled “Avocado”. What’s not to love about avocados? Any Californian can tell you it’s part of the daily diet: a fruit that seems like a veggie, but is totally a fruit, that is fun to cut open and goes well on everything. People who hate avocados are not people we associate with… they probably live somewhere like Nebraska, anyway. But, as revered as it is now, the avocado has a rich history relating to human evolution. Did you know that archeologists have recently found avocado remains that carbon date between 8,000 and 15,000 years ago? Those rinds were discovered in a ceremonial structure in modern day Peru, serving as concrete evidence that avocados were heralded in ancient times possibly even more than they are today.

Is this mind-blowing fact the basis of Cali Conscious’ new “Avocado” single? Probably not. But, the band does call out the cycle of life repetively throughout the track: “plant a seed, let it grow, get a tree, avocado.” This mantra mixed with a laidback, yet upbeat tone emphasizes the importance of giving back. Give back to the earth, to the “people who lift you up”, to yourself! Between buoyant bongo beats, a wailing horn section and psychedelic reverb over the guitar solo, you’ve got yourself a solid surf anthem for the environmentally aware.

“Avocado” follows three previous months of singles – “One Love For You”, “Grateful” and “Come Jamaica” – on the road to their next LP. With four out, Cali Conscious boasts they will continue to unveil their album for the remainder of 2018. In the meantime, Cali Conscious fans have the opportunity to catch the band’s energetic live set along the west coast through the end of March. For more information on Cali Conscious, visit

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