Common Kings ‘Hits & Mrs’ album review

The Costa Mesa, California based reggae, soul and R&B band Common Kings gave fans a bit of a sneak peek of their recently released EP with a fierce single called “Ain’t No Stopping.” During a recent interview, the band describes the single as being about “the everyday hustle and about the grind.”

The album morphs the rhythm around at will so the songs never feel random or aimless

The EP titled Hits & Mrs is an excellent collection with considerable elevation to heights that would be deemed truly memorable. The EP has you humming the chorus in hymn-like fashion after listening to the album the first few times. Not surprisingly, the Common King’s progressive, genre-bending style is impressive, both in its production and in how well they carve out their own take on the category.

The weighty tones of the bass guitar combined with smooth lyrics that vibrate throughout both “Ain’t No Stopping” and “Before You Go” create an unforgettably blunt and electrifying composition. “Guess This Is Love” blasts out of the gates, taking the listener on a captivating rootsy and R&B journey that weaves itself back and around for three and a half minutes. The album morphs the rhythm around at will so the songs never feel random or aimless, making for a very entertaining listen throughout.

The Common Kings are kickstarting their new release and are currently on their headlining tour with Sammy J and Leilani Wolfgramm. For more information, visit or give them a follow on Facebook.

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Hits & Mrs track listing

  1. Since I Woke Up
  2. I Want It All
  3. Before You Go
  4. Guess This Is Love
  5. Ain’t No Stopping
  6. Good in Goodbye

Common Kings “Ain’t No Stopping” music video

Release Date: October 16, 2015 • Regime Music Group

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