Crucial Blend ‘Full Grown’ EP review

When this San Diego based trio bring their skills together, you know you’re in for a three-ring sonic circus. Crucial Blend’s brand new 5-track EP titled Full Grown brings audible tricks and exciting melodies driven by reggae influences with ska-punk roots and a touch of hip-hop. Opener “Cali Sun” incorporates all of that, starting with a guitar riff playing above a galloping rhythm before yielding to a hip hop melody and then building back into a Cali reggae inspired bass line that is reminiscent of a classic Sublime track.

The heavy bass line and delicate guitars overlay one another to create a magical sound

The third track from the EP is titled “Let You Go,” and it’s an attention grabber. The heavy bass line and delicate guitars overlay one another to create a magical sound. The chorus has singalong moments, with repeats of “Cause I’m never gonna let you go. I’m never gonna say goodbye” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. It’s a real nod to the early tracks of Slightly Stoopid.

The EP gives you a real feel for what this band is about: edgy, narrative, melodic and straight out of San Diego. Drawing influence from the likes of stadium heavyweights Bob Marley, Sublime, Rancid, Slightly Stoopid, and UB40, they have created an all-encompassing sound that they call Full Grown.

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Track listing

  1. Cali Sun
  2. Sweet Leaf
  3. Let You Go
  4. Lorraine
  5. Feel Right

Crucial Blend “Let You Go” music video

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Release Date: May 1, 2017 • Copyright: ℗© 2017 Crucial Blend

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